Bunnings employee leaves shoppers stunned after revealing signs are hand written

Those bright orange signs scrawled with black marker are as synonymous with Bunnings as the iconic sausage sizzle.

But mastering the chunky handwriting, that also features on chalk signs around stores, is not as easy as it looks as several employees at the hardware store have revealed on TikTok.

Several videos showing staff members writing the signs have been shared on the social media platform, leaving many viewers in awe of the skill – with some describing watching the clips as “mesmerising”.

Bunnings General Manager of Operations, Ryan Baker, told news.com.au there is a distinct calligraphy style employees are taught and they have guides for team members to follow.

“All team members can hand write approved signage but some may do this job more regularly than others,” Baker said.

And judging from the posts on social media, it seems it’s a task Bunnings employees want to master eagerly.

“Not the best sign writer,” one Northern Territory worker posted on TikTok, before showing herself dancing in the aisles after getting the job done.

While one employee who was writing a sign for an $85 tub of water based enamel captioned her video as “perfection” when she totally nailed it.

Another staff member shared a clip of herself writing a $149 sign for a glass panel heater, calling on followers to “duet if you can do better”.

Response to the three viral clips has been similar, with people branding the footage “relaxing” and “soothing”.

“This is oddly satisfying to watch,” one viewer said.

“Watching this is so pleasing to the eye,” another agreed.

Others were in disbelief at discovering the signs were written by hand, stating the font was “too perfect”.

“You hand draw these? OMG,” one wrote.

“I have always wondered who writes the Bunnings prices!!” another agreed.

“You mean these aren’t printed?” a confused user asked

As one declared: “I have always wondered if they teach you how to do this or are people literally just born with this skill because I could not.”

Some said they had tried to master the pens – a Meto Multi Line that retails for around $31 – describing it as a “serious skill”.

While fellow Bunnings employees also paid respect to the “flawless” A$85 sign, with one saying “my Bunnings sign writing training never taught me that”.

“I remember having to take a break every now and then coz those marker fumes were cray,” another said.

If you want to try and create a Bunnings sign at home, TikTok user @victoriayousif_ said the trick is to hold the paper flat and always stroke downwards.

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