Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer poses naked and bound to ‘reclaim female form’

Rumer Willis has posed for a series of bondage style images in which she can be seen stripped naked and bound.

The 34-year-old actress pushed Instagram's nudity rules to their limits in the name of art and self expression.

Uploading the shots to her official page, Rumur, who is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

One image shows Rumer on her knees in as submissive form wearing nothing but thigh high-boots.

Tied up by thick black rope, the Hollywood starlet holds her hands out in front of her to protect her modesty.

Another shot sees rumour brandish a whip and slip into a skintight PVC leotard.

Explaining her thought process behind the images, Rumer wrote: "And I’ll call you sir.

"This series I created with Tyler [Shields] is about reclaiming the female form.

"Whether clothed or not, as women our bodies are constantly policed and dictated over by men and by other women. We are told what we can and cannot wear based on our size and shape or others beliefs about what is acceptable or appropriate.

"We are told what we need to look like to be considered beautiful. We are told if we dress a certain way we are “asking for it” or if we are more covered up we are prude or unexpressed.

"We are told our sexuality and expression of that sexuality is something we should ashamed of, something we should keep to ourselves."

Not stopping there, Rumer went on to argue the images were not taken for men, but rather about "centering men once again in the assumption that everything you are doing is for them".

She continued: "This idea that when other women are naked it means they don’t respect themselves – us being naked or sexual is automatically assumed as being done for a man out of self loathing and insecurity and it’s such bull****.

"We can be sexual for us. We can be naked for us. We can be tied up for us."

Rumer signed off the post defiantly defending women's rights to express their "sensuality, sexuality and self."

"It was about exploration and taking back power in my right to choose," she continued.

"I stand and support any woman’s right to express themselves however they choose to convey their sensuality, sexuality, self expression."

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