Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake And Amy Voted Comedy’s Best Couple

Jake and Amy have beaten out every other couple in sitcom history to be crowned the best romantic tandem of all time.

Sitcoms require a number of elements in order to be successful. Relatable characters, comedic storylines, and, of course, one or two will-they, won’t they couples for viewers to follow on their journey. Friends had Ross and Rachel, The Big Bang Theory had Leonard and Penny, and How I Met Your Mother had Ted and, well, a lot of women.

Metro wanted to know which couple is the most-loved in sitcom history, so it put the vote to its readers. Readers were allowed to select just one of the couples it included in its list of some of the most well-known romantic couplings in sitcom history. The partnerships mentioned above were a part of the vote, along with thirteen others.

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The couple that won out above all others might surprise a lot of readers. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The tease that the two of them would end up together began all the way back in season one. Since then, Jake and Amy have wed and welcomed their first child into the world during the season seven finale. The timing of that might have something to do with them winning this vote.

Not only is Jake and Amy’s biggest and best day as a couple still fresh in the minds of those who watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but they are also one of the few pairings on the list whose relationship continues. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec, and Jim and Pam from The Office, who finished in joint second, were all stars on shows that have since come to an end.

Moving on down the list, Niles Crane and Daphne Moon from Fraiser claimed joint-third with Monica and Chandler from Friends. So yes, that means Monica and Chandler were a better-loved couple than Ross and Rachel, who finished joint-fourth with Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, but is that really a surprise? Congratulations to Jake and Amy, a well-deserved win.

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