Brits baffled by Burger King Japan’s ‘Fake Burger’ as it’s ‘just a chip butty’

Burger King Japan has launched a new menu item that's left Brits feeling slightly confused.

Now it's not to say the burger won't be tasty, it's just that it reminds us of something closer to home.

The new "Fake Burger" has been launched in Japan which consists of fries loaded into a bun with meat sauce and mayonnaise.

It costs just 290 yen (approximately £2.12) which works out seriously cheap at Burger King.

But fans reckon this new food sounds strangely similar to the classic chip butty.

And if you don't know what a chip butty, it's in the name, a sandwich stuffed with… chips.

It's essentially just potato and bread, which the Fake Burger promises in Japan.

Since it came to light on Twitter, fans rushed to comment on the new addition to the Japanese menu.

One tweeted: "Burger King Japan has just discovered the chip butty."

Another added: "So, has Japan discovered the British 'Chip Butty' and modified it a bit (i.e. over complicated it)."

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A third commented: "So… Burger King is now offering a chip butty.

"I'm kind of amazed that no fast food place has done this before."

While a fourth wrote: "OMG, the Japanese will be wanting deep-fried pizzas next. AKA pizza tempura."

Meanwhile, a British astrophysicist working at the Japan Aerospace Exploration managed to try one of the burgers.

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Elizabeth Tasker said: "OK OK OK… What is this? It's the new Burger King 'Fake Burger'.

"And yes, it's chips. In a bun. With meat sauce because vegetarians are not a thing.

"Also yes, I had chips on the side too. Because it's a set you know. I'm saying my lunch was chips."

When someone asked her about the burger, Elizabeth replied: "A chip butty does not come from Burger King."

She concluded: "It comes from a dubious looking van parked strategically close to the closing pubs.

"And the bun is bigger.

"That makes it entirely different."

So how do you feel about the Fake Burger? Comment below and let us know what you think…

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