Breast cancer: The procedure that could help patients in their road to recovery

While breast reconstruction typically does not include the areola or nipple, nipple reconstruction is one option for survivors who wish to restore the original look and feel of their breasts. Just as cancer treatments affect one’s physical health, it can affect how a person feels and knock their confidence significantly.


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Cancer can leave a person with both internal and external scars which can take years to overcome.

Each person’s experience with cancer is different. Women who have battled with breast cancer will often have very different looking breasts after treatment and in recovery.

What many women are unaware of is that there are treatments that can help with this, such as nipple tattooing.

Nicole Zysk spoke exclusively to to discuss the treatments she offers in her clinic, which includes Medical Tattooing by Nicole Zysk, and how one can gain their confidence back after breast cancer treatment.

“Like so many people, I have personally been affected by cancer,” Nicole said.

“I lost my father, Stanislaw, due to the disease and I understand the emotions that a cancer diagnosis brings to a patient and their family and I try to do whatever I can to help improve a patient’s wellbeing.

“How we feel about our appearance is important to our self-esteem.

“I like to do what I can to help improve this during a very stressful time.”

Nicole said one of the most common causes of anxiety in women undergoing treatment for breast cancer is the loss of femininity they experience after undergoing surgery or chemotherapy.

But medical tattooing, an innovative kind of cosmetic tattooing, is an option that provides restoration of one’s look, she added.

Nicole explained: “At my clinic, I offer 3D nipple post breast reconstruction and 3D areola reshaping and pigmentation.

“The nipple and areola are defining traits of the breast and a normal focal point for the eye thus not having this trait feels different from the normal for people who have undergone breast reconstruction.”


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How the process works

By using specific techniques on the reconstructed breast, Nicole is able to position the new nipple in the correct position.

She said: “By using shaping, together with shadows and highlights, it is possible to make a 3D nipple and areola tattoo.

“This technique brings back a feeling of depth and detail to the nipple and breast.

“This treatment requires two sessions, with an interval of four weeks between treatments.

“Each session usually takes up to ninety minutes.”

Other treatments offered for cancer patients

Hair loss after chemotherapy will frequently affects the hair on a person’s head, but can also affect facial hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

But there are treatments available to restore these features.

Nicole said: “This frequently causes anxiety among patients and can be a great sort of anguish.

“It is possible to use semi-permanent make-up techniques to cover up hair loss and help with cancer patients’ well being.

“I am able to offer a number of different techniques to mimic the patient’s eyebrows.

“By creating realistic hair-like strokes and positioning them in the same place as they were previously, I am able to create a natural illusion or addition to the eyebrows until they grow back in.”

Nicole added: “Semi-permanent make-up will also last for a long time, allowing time for patient recovery.

“Similarly, semi-permanent eyeliner can fill in any empty space in eyelashes or temporarily replace them, giving the eye definition.

“All treatments will require two sessions with an interval of four weeks between sessions.

“The effects can last up to two years. Like so many people, I have personally been affected by cancer.”

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