Bread cleaning hacks: The 5 surprising ways you can clean your home using bread

Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Bread is purchased by 99 percent of UK households, with almost 12 million loaves sold each day. The NHS recommends starchy foods like bread make up a third of one’s diet, but most people can only manage 20 percent. There are more than 200 different kinds of bread produced in the UK – but for bread not eaten, there is another household use available: cleaning.

How to clean using bread

Bread is a wonderful food whether it is eaten toasted with butter or laden with cheese.

But without realising it, bread can be used for many other things around the house, including reviving stale marshmallows and removing splinters.

Before the rise of chemical cleaning products, natural ingredients like salt, baking soda and olive oil were the preferred tools for cleaning.

Now with the rising trends of all-natural products, people are becoming more interested in natural ways to clean their homes, such as using bread.

Removing stains

Bread really excels at removing smudges, dirt and stains – acting as a natural alternative to a Magic Eraser product.

To remove stains with bread, simply grab a slice of white or rye bread and chop off the crusts.

Roll your bread into a ball and dab this ball of bread on the stains.

The gluten in the bread helps remove smudges, stains and marks such as pencil marks, without any risk of scratching or damaging the stained surface.

In particular, this bread hack works best to lift stains from walls, wallpaper, kitchen cabinet and other hard surfaces.

Soaking up grease spills

Bread works effectively to soak up grease stains as well.

Grease can be difficult to clean with water and normally needs a stronger material to cut through the grease.

To remove grease using bread, simply take a slice of bread and lay it over the spill.

Press the bread into the spill gently until it completely disappears.

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Cleaning old paintings

Old paintings and works of art can become dirty and dusty over time.

Given the delicate nature of these paintings, it is often advised to avoid chemical cleaning agents which could interfere with the integrity of your artwork.

Instead, you can clean them with a soft spot of white bread.

Simply wipe the bread gently across the painting, running the bread over the surface of the artwork.

The bread will act as a sponge, pulling off remaining grime and dust.

Picking up broken glass

Broken glasses are an unhappy occurrence in any home – particularly as collecting all the little shards of glass can be particularly difficult.

However, these tiny glass shards are actually made easier to pick up using bread.

Press a piece of bread into the areas where you dropped the glass and it will pick up even the tiniest pieces.

Clean a coffee grinder

Coffee grinders can get very dirty after use, but there is no need to worry about this job if you have bread.

Pinch off three or four small pieces of stale bread and grind them in your coffee grinder.

Throw away the crumbs and then wipe the inside of your grinder, which should now be sparkling clean.

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