Brad Pitt Stars in New Action-Packed 'Bullet Train' Trailer

Sony Pictures has dropped off the official trailer for its upcoming action-thriller film, Bullet Train, directed by Deadpool 2 filmmaker David Leitch and starring Brad Pitt.

The film, which is based on Kōtarō Isaka’s novel Maria Beetle, follows Pitt in the role of a special-mission killer named Ladybug, who unknowingly takes a suspenseful bullet train ride among several other independent assassins: Prince (Joey King), Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Hornet (Zazie Beetz).

The killers soon realize they aren’t alone on the Japanese train and that their missions seem to all be connected, making way for a stealthy battle on their journey from Tokyo to Morioka. Fueling tensions further, a vengeful father named Kimura (Andrew Koji) boards the train in pursuit of revenge against Prince for putting his son in a coma.

“Every job I do, somebody dies. I’m not that guy anymore,” Pitt utters in the preview, which features a slew of quick action sequences soundtracked by the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”

Elsewhere, the film hosts a sizable ensemble cast, which includes Masi Oka, Michael Shannon, Logan Lerman, Hiroyuki Sanada, Karen Fukuhara, Bad Bunny and Sandra Bullock.

Leitch is directing the film based on a script written by Zak Olkewicz, while also producing alongside Kelly McCormick and Antoine Fuqua, as well as executive producers Ryosuke Saegusa, Yuma Terada, Brent O’Connor, and Kat Samick.

Bullet Train will premiere in theaters on July 15. Watch the trailer above.

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