Botched star Dr. Paul Nassif shares tips to beat dry skin this winter

Has the cold weather left your skin dry and itchy? Botched star Dr Paul Nassif shares his top tips for beating flaky and dehydrated skin this winter

As we move into winter, the harsh cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin. But there are a few simple changes that can make all the difference between dull, itchy skin and a glowing, hydrated complexion.

‘During the winter months the cold, low humidity air can cause the skin to become dry, flaky, and irritable,’ explains Dr Paul Nassif, Botched TV star, skin specialist and founder of Nassif Medical Spa UK.

‘As a result, this can damage our skin’s barrier function, making us more prone to damage caused by sunlight, pollution, and smoking.’

Dr Nassif says that by adapting your winter skincare routine, you can help your skin accommodate the cooler and more harsh weather conditions, leaving your complexion happy and healthy. 

He adds: ‘Add a serum to your regime, look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water – locking moisture in.

‘It’s also really important you continue to use an SPF daily, to protect your skin from UV rays and environmental damage. I’d recommend using at least SPF30 throughout the winter months.’

And don’t forget your lips. Dr Nassif says: ‘Make sure you are applying SPF and lip balm regularly to avoid sore chapped and cracked lips.’

Ahead we’ve shared the best tried-and-tested skin care products available right now from the likes of brands including Kate Somerville and CeraVe that will take care of dry, itchy skin and quench dry skin’s thirst all winter long.

Here’s how to switch up your skincare for winter.

AHC Face Serum Aqualuronic Hydrating Aqualuronic Korean Skincare 30ml, now £22.10 (15% off) 

This hydrating serum is packed with hyaluronic acid that helps retain moisture

Well-known Korean beauty brand AHC is up to the task of treating dehydrated skin that’s lacking moisture.

This lightly scented face serum, which is now 15 per cent off, is not only cooling and ultra-refreshing, but it is also packed with hyaluronic acid, aka the hero of hydration, which can carry thousands of times its own weight in water.

Applied after cleansing, the lightweight serum provides essential hydration immediately while helping skin cells better retain moisture overall for plump and supple skin.

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This rich cream delivers deep hydration for sensitised skin

DeliKate Recovery Cream by Kate Somerville is a sensational skincare product created specifically for treating sensitised skin.

It can help to calm skin after suffering a reaction or to take down redness and alleviate irritation after either overdoing an active product (retinol, vitamin C, acids etc.) or an at-home treatment such as peel. In either case, this rich, whipped moisturiser will save your stressed skin.

The calming cream has been formulated with skin-soothing peptides and three essential ceramides to help reduce visible redness while hydrating and restoring the skin’s protective barrier. It’s a true skin saviour.

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Face and Body Balm B5 100ml, £14

An SOS balm perfect for seriously dry, winter-ravaged skin

To help heal dry, stressed-out skin, Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm is a highly effective choice.

The multipurpose protecting balm from French pharmacy skincare brand La Roche-Posay is a great option for burns, new tattoos, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, cracked heels and chapped lips.

It’s fast-absorbing, non-sticky, antibacterial and incredibly moisturising, thanks to its formulation of five per cent panthenol (vitamin B5), shea butter, glycerine and madecassoside, a compound found in the plant extract centella asiatica.

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Beauty Pie Superdose C C-Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener, typical price £80, become a member and pay £12.49

Vitamin C will give your skin strength and radiance

Rev up your skin’s radiance and repair UV-damaged skin with Beauty Pie’s new Superdose C C-Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener. The ultimate glow-up cocktail contains a high dose of stable vitamin C (15 per cent), paired with super actives ferulic and tranexamic acid to brighten, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out tone, and diminish dark spots and pigmentation, all while serving up a hit of moisture.

Use five to six drops post toner or lotion on a clean face, under moisturiser or sunscreen.

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Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm, £12 

This balm beats cracked, flaky lips

Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm is made with 100 per cent natural medical grade and ultra-nourishing lanolin. And it will save your chapped lips this winter.

Lanolin is a fat naturally secreted by wool-bearing animals like sheep, to help protect their skin and wool from extreme weather conditions. This waxy, oily substance not only boasts waterproofing and emollient properties, but it’s also antibacterial and antifungal, making it ace for preventing skin infections. So it’s not surprising that this lip balm will moisturise and soothe, leaving your pout silky smooth even after it has worn off.

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Pai Skincare Instant Kalmer, £49

This serum soothes skin sensitivity, redness and irritation

The Pai Instant Kalmer Serum is a calming, plant-based ceramide face serum acts fast to cool skin and take down redness. It’s a great option to help combat sensitivity when going from hot to cold environments.

The lightweight gel serum encourages long-term resilience building, helping to soothe unsettled skin affected by stress both instantly and over time.

Enriched with sea aster to help calm aggravated skin and ceramides to help strengthen the skin barrier, it is essential oil and fragrance-free, as well as being free from ingredients that irritate rosacea and eczema.

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PSA Skin Reset Acai & Manuka Honey Nourishing Cleanser, £20

A creamy mild cleanser that thoroughly cleanses without stripping the skin

New from PSA Skin, this sulfate-free, creamy cleanser removes daily grime, pollution and makeup while infusing the skin with essential moisture and nutrients, without ever stripping the skin. 

Key ingredients include all-star antioxidant acai and pomegranate extract, antibacterial Manuka honey, soothing yoghurt and fatty acid rich grapeseed oil, all of which work to brighten skin tone, replenish moisture and nourish your skin. 

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CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser | 236ml/8oz | Face and Body Wash with Salicylic Acid, now £9 (25% off)

This cleaners banishes blemishes and supports the skin’s barrier

This popular cleanser from CeraVe packs blemish-busting salicylic acid in its formula, making it just the thing to target skin that’s prone to spots.

It’s also perfect for times when you’re battling unforeseen breakouts, such as ‘maskne’, but don’t want to dry out your complexion as its teamed with three essential ceramides that lock moisture in. 

Plus, it contains other moisturising powerhouses, such as urea, which gently exfoliates dead skin and improves hydration.

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Eltamd UV Daily SPF 40, now £36.99

This SPF protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation even when it’s cold and cloudy

UVA and UVB rays remain the most significant cause of premature and accelerated skin ageing. Fine lines, wrinkling, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and textural changes occur because of damage from sunlight. So for a healthy, youthful complexion, SPF is non-negotiable even during winter.

Gorgeously smooth and absorbent, this sunscreen from dermatologist-recommended skincare brand EltaMD is a great option for someone looking to protect the skin from signs of ageing.

The bestselling facial SPF is lightweight, oil-free and it’s also non-comedogenic meaning you won’t have to worry about it clogging your pores. It’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention and diminish fine lines.

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Paula’s Choice Clinical 20% Niacinamide Treatment, £45 

This hardworking treatment tackles a spectrum of skin concerns 

Niacinamide (aka vitamin B3) erases dullness and uneven skin tone, increases ceramide production in the skin, tightens enlarged pores and – most-importantly – increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture and improves its barrier abilities. Is there anything it can’t do?

Paula’s Choice Clinical 20% Niacinamide Treatment quickly penetrates the skin’s uppermost layers with its potent concentration of niacinamide plus key supporting ingredients proven to combat advanced problems with enlarged, sagging pores and stubborn bumps. It’s a repair and defence champion.

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