Billy Connolly unveils sweet tribute tattoo for his wife while getting Covid jab

Sir Billy Connolly joined an array of celebrities who have now undergone the Covid-19 vaccine, showing off a tattoo tribute to his wife while receiving the jab.

The 78-year-old, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, was pictured perched on a chair in what appeared to be a surgical waiting area, a plaster placed across his top bicep.

Taking a moment after undergoing the preventative jab, the Scottish comedian was captured wearing a mask, tartan trousers, and a black T-shirt with his sleeves rolled up.

Billy's wife Pamela Stephenson, 71, was on hand with her trusty camera, to not only capture the rare moment, but to share it with friends, followers and loved ones on social media.

A seemingly relieved Pamela took to Twitter to share her happiness, adding: "Thank God… Billy had his first Covid-19 vaccine today!"

With Billy's arm in clear view, the icon's tribute tattoo for wife Pamela was ever more apparent.

His inkings saw his wife's name surrounded by a red coloured heart and a blue swallow, taking a central position on his arm.

Soon after posting, Pamela's social media page was brimming with heartfelt comments from the comedian's many fans and supporters.

One tweet read: "Wonderful to know that Billy has gotten the vaccine. He is a real treasure who has to be kept safe. Stay well Mr Connolly."

"Glad he is being looked after well, he deserves it as do you. Much love to you both," added a second.

A third asked: "Could you give him a hug from all of us please?"

While another fan penned: "National treasures should always be first in line for saving."

Over the festive period, fans of the stand-up comedian were reduced to tears after watching his emotional documentary, It's Been A Pleasure.

In the moving segment, the actor opened up about being diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2013.

As the effects of the degenerative condition began to take hold, Billy decided he wanted to retire from the showbiz world, bringing his 50-year comedy career to an end.

Undoubtedly, there wouldn't have been a dry eye in sight when Billy told fans during the documentary that he had come to terms with his illness.

He explained: "It was obvious from my movement, that I wasn't who I used to be.

"And so I had to explain it.. just to say that I am not defined by it. It's got me, it will get me and it will end me, but that's OK with me."

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