Big E never considered asking Kofi Kingston for WWE title shot and reveals most surprising New Day success

BIG E has revealed that he never considered asking "selfless" Kofi Kingston for a title opportunity when his friend was WWE's top guy.

The New Day star is being primed for a singles push on Smackdown after years teaming with Kingston and Xavier Woods.

His current storyline mirrors close friend Kofi’s crowning moment against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35, dubbed “Kofi-Mania”.

Unlike past stables, the New Day remained intact for Kingston's six-month reign as champion and supported him from ringside.

In an interview with SunSport earlier this year, the Ghanaian-American wrestler claimed he was desperate to push Big E into the same spot.

And the man himself admitted it was a continued mark of Kingston's selflessness that has been ever-present throughout the New Day's rise.

Asked if he ever considered asking Kofi for a title shot, Big E told SunSport: "Nah man, like a very real perspective, we got here because we stuck together.

He's one of the most selfless people I've ever met in this industry, one of the most likeable people, and I couldn't even fathom making that moment about me.

"When we started this trio six years ago we had so many naysayers. We had so many people who didn't believe in us.

"Woods and I were definitely floundering in our careers, Kofi – he had done a lot but he was also floundering as well.

"And the reason we've gotten this far is because we dealt with all the nonsense and the outside noise and the people who laughed at us.

"We did it together. So for me to even have the audacity to say “hey Kofi I know this is your moment, but let me make it about me” didn't even cross my mind. He worked for it and he sacrificed for me.

"I remember the Hell in a Cell match we had with The Uso's. To me, maybe our best match, as a trio ever, or as a faction. The best New Day match ever.

"Kofi, we had a rotation and it was Kofi's turn to be in the match but he selflessly said: “hey Woods I know this is important to you. You're going to be in the match.”

"He's done that so many times where he could have had an opportunity to shine big, and he decided to step away and not begrudgingly.

"When I first found out that this was the route we're gonna go, he pulled me aside and he legitimately had a smile on his face and said: “I'm so happy for you man this is your time”.

"He's one of the most selfless people I've ever met in this industry, one of the most likeable people, and I couldn't even fathom making that moment about me.

Unicorn horns were New Day's most surprising hit with fans

Speaking to SunSport, Big E said:

"The Unicorn Horns! Merch came up to us around Halloween and I don't know why we wore them.

"They just made the horn with the headband for Kofi and I. I think Woods was out at the time, this was years ago.

"I thought “alright, this is real stupid.” But I'll just do it, I guess.

"So we did that and then they said, “people seem to like them, that one time, so we can make unicorn horns that light up, and there's a button in the headband.”

"I didn't say this to anyone but I thought this is the dumbest thing. But we've done a lot of dumb things so let's just do it.

"But the amount of popularity of those stupid unicorn horns, the amount of times that a fellow wrestler brought their kids backstage and the only thing they wanted was a lighup unicorn horn.

"Seeing them all across the arenas, I realised I had to take a step back and realise that this is dumb but people like it so it's cool."

"If that opportunity came up and it made sense, that's a different consideration but at no point was I going to insert myself into this Kofi Mania run.

"It never crossed my mind and never would because I really feel like what we bring to the table as far as a real-life bond is very different from any other faction that I can think of or that I've heard of.

"We genuinely ride for each other, When the time is needed for one of us to take a step back for the others to shine, we do what's best for the group, and that's been the key to our success."

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