Beyoncé Says 'Demon Time' in 'Savage' Remix; Here's What That Really Means

Minds were blown on Wednesday when Megan Thee Stallion’s remix for “Savage” dropped, featuring bars from Beyoncé. The combination of hot girl Megan and Queen Bey on the same track feels like a gift from the music gods for fans of both artists.

Between this song and the Doja Cat/Nicki Minaj “Say So” remix, people are loving and freaking out over the surprise features.

Speaking of freaking out, the mere fact that Beyoncé utteredthe words “demon time” in her rap in the same line she spoke about OnlyFans isgetting quite the reaction. Some of you already know what she’s referring to,but many do not.

Our aim is to break the phrase down so you know what Beyoncéis talking about when you decide to recite her verse. Our aim is also to breakit down before you decide to letyour 11-year-old lip sync and dance to it on TikTok without knowing themeaning. Trust us on this. So, what is demon time?

An informally formal explanation of ‘Demon Time’

There are worlds beyond your imagination online, and one of them is linked to demon time. Coined in the streets of the internet in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns, the term is a code.

Strip clubs are among the businesses whose workers are seeking ways to make ends meet. One way strippers are doing that is by giving private performances online.

On April 10, TheNew York Times profiled Justin LaBoy, the man who started hosting InstagramLive sessions that feature women doing what they do for a fee. He told theoutlet the idea came to him at 1:00 in the morning while livestreaming to hisfollowers.

“I was like, man, I need a demon to call up. I said, ‘Where my demons at?’”With celebrities and tens of thousands of other Instagram users on thelivestream, his virtual strip club was operating with various women dancing andstripping—without showing their faces.

Demons are thenicknames for the women working anonymously on the sessions, and the demon emojiis typically used to signify one of LaBoy’s exclusive club nights is happening.It’s late, it’s for adults only, and it’s demon time.

Some people clutched their pearls when Beyoncé said it

The reverence for both Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé ispalpable as listeners continue to celebrate this remix. Not everyone was expectingBeyoncé to rap, let alone rap about things that are NSFW. For many, it’s apleasant surprise. Others were just surprised.

She’s an adult, but some fans are in shock that Beyoncéreferenced demon time and OnlyFans in the song, perhaps forgetting shealso created Partition, Drunk in Love, and Rocket. If thisremix and past projects are any indication, fans should expect more lyrics fromher along these lines.

On the flip, Beyoncé’s words renewed interest in her shadowaccounts

If there is one thing Beyoncé does, she stays abreast ofonline trends, whether they’re underground or mainstream. For years, there havebeen rumors she has secret accounts for Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram thatshe uses to make videos, post comments, and lurk.

With the bars she spit in the “Savage” remix, Beyoncé reignited fans’ suspicions about her mysterious accounts and whether she’s watched any of the demon time quarantine sessions.

They also wonder if she’s engaged in any other covert activities on social media. We’ll never know for sure, but people are having a good time throwing theories around.

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