Best Gifts for Die Hard ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans

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The holidays are around the corner and if you’ve been smelling snow harder than Lorelai Gilmore in Stars Hollow, you’ve probably also been counting down the days until the CW broadcast debut of “Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life.” The miniseries continuation, which originally aired on Netflix in 2016, unrolls as a four-part Thanksgiving event from Nov. 23 to Nov. 26.

The broadcast also happens to tie into the original show’s 20 year anniversary. The mother-daughter duo (played by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel) captured hearts for seven seasons with their lightning-like banter, love of coffee and pop culture, and never-ending penchant for takeout. If you too have always wished that you could live like a Gilmore in their small town filled with big personalities, the good news is that you can. Well, vicariously, through thoughtful swag and merch that will definitely leave you feeling like you’re among the Stars Hollow crew.


Ceramic Takeout Containers

Fans (and Luke) may have been concerned with the sheer amount of takeout that Lorelai and Rory ordered throughout all seven seasons of the show. Seeing the duo cook was a rare occurrence, although once in a while they did manage to procure some Tater Tots or Pop Tarts. Whether you fancy yourself a chef or prefer the takeout route yourself, these reusable takeout containers are an environmentally friendly way to enjoy all kinds of delicious eats. Especially if you go the true Gilmore way, and order one of everything with plans to eat the rest all week long.

Ceramic Takeout Containers$41.82Buy It


Luke’s Diner Mug

The fuel that runs “Gilmore Girls,” and most of Stars Hollow, is Luke’s Diner. Without Luke’s there would be no coffee, so no Lorelai and Rory, no star-crossed love looks and definitely no fast-paced banter. The ultimate piece of “Gilmore Girls” merch is — and always will be — the Luke’s coffee cup.

Luke's Diner Mug $17.25Buy It


‘Oy With The Poodles Already’ Pencils

“Oy with the poodles already!” A classic line, presented on a classic writing device. Pay homage to the brilliant lines from Stars Hollow’s past while simultaneously nodding to the very profession that propelled the youngest Gilmore.

'Gilmore Girls' Pencils $5.00 Buy It


An Oversized Knit Sweater

Lorelai and Rory were often mistaken for sisters, and not just because Lorelai was 16 when she had her daughter. Lorelai’s comfy but chic style is the stuff of mom goals everywhere, so it’s no wonder that Rory sometimes raided her closet. Invoke her fall style as you too wait for the first big snowfall with an oversized knit sweater that easily transitions into the winter season with the addition of a scarf and boots.

Oversized Sweater$39.97Buy It


A Gin Kit

Would Lorelai have survived so many Friday night dinners without her go-to drink, a gin martini? Despite Emily (Kelly Bishop) and her best efforts to derail her daughter with a Sidecar, we’ve lost count of how many of these drinks Lorelai had to sip on over the years while putting up with her parents’ shenanigans. If you’ve got some time on your hands, why not concoct your own gin with a craft brewing kit. You can call it “Dragonfly Gin,” or some other punny, Gilmore-worthy name.


A Durable Ice Bucket

Speaking of uncomfortable Friday night dinners, Richard (Edward Herrmann) always made sure those drawn out, pre-dinner cocktail moments were made somewhat more bearable with a loaded bar cart and plenty of fresh ice. Well, what better way to keep that ice cold than with a durable and stylish, double-walled ice bucket? Add it to your bar cart to feel like you too are living the high life like Emily and Richard.

Ice Bucket$29.99Buy It


Yale Sweatshirt

Sure, a Harvard sweatshirt might be right for the earlier season, but true fans know that the correct answer for where Rory will go to college is Yale. Go bulldogs.

Yale Sweatshirt$39.95Buy It


Doose’s Market Bag

Ponder the big questions like, “why did Sookie keep 52 watermelons above dishwasher in her kitchen” while running errands with your Doose’s market reusable bag.

Doose's Market Bag$14Buy It


Stars Hollow Framed Art

When you think of Stars Hollow during the holidays, it’s impossible not to conjure up images of the town’s popular gazebo, the lit-up buildings, and of course a soft, fresh snowfall. This framed piece that even Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) couldn’t find fault with is a stylish addition to any holiday décor, invoking those same cozy holiday feelings every time you glance at it.

Stars Hollow Print$27.68Buy It


Dragonfly Inn Keychain

Lorelai and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) proved that no vision is too big when they transformed a tired old structure into the inn of their dreams: the Dragonfly Inn. Whether you’re a plain old fan of the show or you need a reminder that good things can happen to you, too, this replica keychain is a sweet addition to any collection. Designed to look just like one of the inn’s room keys, you’ll be reminded of the Gilmore journey every time you use it. And the best part is that you don’t have to face off against a grumpy French concierge in order to get your hands on it, either.

Dragonfly Inn Keychain $10.99Buy It


A Whimsical Journal

Rory had lots of big ideas about her life and future, ideas that sometimes even she needed to jot down lest she forget. Plot out all of your dreams, hopes and random musings with your own whimsical journal. And don’t forget to take plenty of extra notes so that the next time you stop talking to your mom, you can tell her everything she missed in detail when you make up.

Whimsical Journal$11.69Buy It


Rory’s Reading List & Stars Hollow Movie Night

Over its seven-season run, Rory was seen with her nose in more than 300 different novels. Those are some pretty serious literary ambitions, but if you want to brush up on your own required reading list like the Yale graduate, this motivational poster details exactly which novels you should invest your time in. Hang it up in your Gilmore-inspired reading nook, or perhaps in a home office or dorm room, and find pretty inspiration the next time you’re looking for a good read.

Rory Gilmore Reading List Movie Challeng$43.66Buy It


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