Best friends reunite with a sweet hug after quarantine ends in China

From the lonely clutch of lockdown — to the warm embrace of a bestie’s arms.

After being quarantined for more than two months in Beijing due to the coronavirus pandemic, 4-year-old Jazz Rose could not contain his excitement when he saw his best friend, Mikel, for the first time, Storyful reports.

In a video recorded on March 29, Jazz spots Mikel, also 4, and excitedly yells his name before the pair run toward one another. They then embrace, Mikel lifting Jazz off the ground in his excitement.

“I can’t believe you are back!” Jazz tells Mikel as the young boys hug and look at each other from under their face masks.

While much of the world still remains subject to various quarantine and lockdown measures, some areas of China began lifting restrictions on social interactions in early April, with restaurants and shops slowly reopening. Citizens celebrated the end of an 11-week lockdown in Wuhan, China, with an elaborate light show on skyscrapers and bridges, video released Wednesday shows.

As of April 9, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China had reported 81,865 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the majority occurring in Hubei Province and its capital, Wuhan.

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