Best Cleaning Sponges 2020 | The Sun UK

NOTHING is more off-putting at the kitchen sink than a claggy, grubby sponge, so if you haven’t replaced yours recently, be inspired by our round-up.

Whether you’re sloshing through a sink-full of dirty dishes or you’re getting to grips with a grubby barbecue grill, having the right tool for the job will help you get through it quickly and easily so you can get on with something more interesting.

We’ve rounded up some high-powered specialist sponges as well as eco-friendly alternatives for those who are aiming to cut down on plastic in their home.

Whichever sponge you choose, do keep it clean: Good Housekeeping recommends a regular soak in bleach or white vinegar, or running it through the dishwasher on a “heated dry” setting.

Now there’s really no excuse for a grubby sponge.

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