Bald guinea pig adopted by a family of Sphynx cats

Not only have pets been boosting morale and productivity in lockdown, but they’ve also been providing us with the light relief we need during this devastating pandemic.

Enter Luis, an adorable bald guinea pig who thinks he’s a Sphynx cat.

The six-month-old pet has formed an unlikely friendship with a group of affectionate Sphynx cats.

Luis and the cats live under the roof of owner Oksana Baltakiene, in Estepona, Spain.

Oksana adopted the bald guinea pig because she thought he would ‘fit perfectly’ into her Sphynx family – which consists of five-year-old  Puke-Chalisa, three-year-old Bandita-Shani and Chikita-Mantra and Rango-Ramses – who are both two.

Thankfully, the cats welcomed the hairless creature into their house.

Oksana said: ‘The cats immediately adopted Luis as part of the family and they think he’s their brother.

‘Sphynx cats are unique, they are very social, friendly and very intelligent, more than one may think.

‘And now we also have Luis who brings into our family some laughter, smiles and good emotions.’

Day to day, Luis can be found cuddling the cats on the sofa or climbing on their backs.

She added: ‘Guinea pigs are very social animals and they like company, so Luis loves to be together with the cats, and loves to be patted by them as well.’

Photos and videos shared on social media show Luis adjusting to family life. In the snaps, he can be seen chilling with his brothers and enjoying some food with them.

But, like most families, there can be a few sibling dramas.

Oksana added: ‘The only cat who has a little bit of a strange relationship with Luis is Rango-Ramses, who is afraid of him and always panicking around him.’

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