Avoid ageing cut which exaggerates thin hair

TikTok user gives advice on how to wash hair properly

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Heading to the hairdressers soon? Celebrity & Editorial Stylist Neil Moodie, who has styled over 50 Vogue covers, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how women can shave years off their age next time they go to the salon.

Neil explained that generally speaking, longer hairstyles with centre partings are “ageing cuts” mature women should “avoid”.

He stated: “The reason for this is that a centre parting can exaggerate thin hair, a common problem as we age.”

According to Salon La Reine, thinning hair as we age can be credited to several factors.

The website states: “Hair shedding accelerates while hair growth slows down. It’s normal to shed around 100 hairs every day, but as you get older, this speeds up, making the hair look thinner, especially at the crown.

“Hair growth also slows and hair follicles shrink, and they can even stop producing hairs completely.”

Menopause is also a key reason why women start to experience thinning hair with age.

“The hormone oestrogen stimulates the growth of healthy hair, and as oestrogen levels fall during and after menopause, hair loss can occur.”

But what is a woman to do if she notices her hair is becoming limp and thin?

Neil suggested: “If you are experiencing thinning hair and want to look younger, opt for hair that is shoulder length or shorter, as this will allow the hair to have more volume.

“Also, move your parting to the side so your hair flips better and think about having some long layers and face-framing layers added, again to help give your hair more volume.”

In terms of colour, while you may have rocked dark chocolate brown or even black hair in your younger years, you may not be able to pull it off the same way today.

Neil advised: “Avoid going too dark. Our skin tones fade when we get older, so it’s better to go for shades that complement the skin tone rather than wash us out.

As well as washing out the skin, dark hair is not on your side when it comes to going grey.

“Having hair that is coloured very dark will also show grey roots more noticeably, so lightening up a little can help extend the time between your root touch-ups,” Neil suggested.

But for those who don’t want to cover up their salt and pepper strands, more power to you.

Neil stated: “All of this being said, I do think that we should embrace the grey, even if we want to avoid ‘ageing’.

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“There’s a big shift with older women growing out their coloured hair and keeping it more natural.

“Through this you can have some micro-fine lights just to help give the hair some depth with varying tones.”

Neil offered an insightful alternative to typical highlight colours of blonde or caramel.

“You can also play around with temporary colours on the grey and have some fun. Try a pink or a temporary peach colour. These are very flattering tones and surprisingly suit most older women.

“They are also not too much of a commitment so great for anyone that’s finding their explorative streak in later life!”

Neil Moodie is a hairstylist and founder of the Neil Moodie Studio.

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