At Home With Nicky Hilton: She Reveals How Disney Is Helping Her Survive Quarantine

Nicky Hilton is stuck indoors with her adorable daughters during the COVID-19 quarantine and she’s EXCLUSIVELY sharing what’s helping her get through.

Fashion designer and business owner, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, 36, is staying safe indoors during the COVID-19 epidemic with her husband James Rothschild, 36, and their adorable daughters Lily Grace, 3, and Teddy, 2 and it sounds like the girls are totally in charge! Though it can be challenging finding ways to entertain little ones during this hard and stressful outbreak, it sounds like the couple has got it under control. The heiress is committed to remaining positive by focusing on exciting times ahead, like Halloween 2020 as she draws inspiration from her recent tv binges. In this EXCLUSIVE interview from her home on April 1, Nicky opened up to HollywoodLife how she and her family are getting through their day to day routines thanks to cozy clothes, comfort food and a few famous princesses.

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