Astrologer shares zodiac sign ‘most likely to cheat’

In Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs all with different personalities and character traits. 

Astrologer for My Astro Fame Susan Taylor ranked the 12 signs according to how likely she thinks they are to cheat on their partners.

Susans stated: “When it comes to cheating, Sagittarius is the most likely sign to be unfaithful in a relationship and has problems taking commitment seriously.”

According to the expert this sign is a “great wanderer” who “struggles to settle down” with just one individual.

Sagittarius often believes that “the grass is greener” elsewhere, not seeing the true value of the person in front of them.

The astrologer claimed that this sign “often leads a double life”, which suggests they are expert at keeping secrets. 

Sagittarius men “can’t resist beautiful women”, so their eyes may wander even if they are in a happy relationship, Susan claimed.

This sign also loves the thrill that comes with having an affair, drawn to “danger” and “excitement” like a magnet.

Susan claimed that the Sagittarius woman is possibly “too open minded” so could stray away from their partner.

Adventurous and exciting by nature, the Sagittarius woman despises “monotony” so likes to try new things. 

Those in a relationship with this sign should ensure they are very “compatible” before asking for commitment and loyalty from them.

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Most unfaithful to most faithful zodiac signs ranked 

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