Artist Matt McCormick Releases "Texas Flood" Clothing Collection

Los Angeles-based artist, Matt McCormick, returns to the clothing frontier with a new collection entitled “Texas Flood.” The capsule, as part of his One Of These Days label, is entirely cut & sew, produced and screenprinted in Downtown Los Angeles and pays tribute to the legendary Blues Rock musician, Stevie Ray Vaughn, whose blue button-up is resurrected through this collection.

Texas Flood speaks to the current moment, while leaning into classic themes of Americana that resonate across generations. Each article, be it the sweats, long-sleeve or button-up has a vintage feel that is built to last. The clothing in the artist’s line carry the same attentiveness to materiality that he fosters with the rest of his practice.

Speaking on Texas Flood and how this collection developed, McCormick states:

Texas Flood started as a follow up to our collaboration with Neighborhood, which finally allowed me to see the potential and possibility of what the label could be. Working with Shin and the rest of the Neighborhood team was such an honor and it felt only right to hold ourselves to the same standard moving forward. We decided to look at that collection as the new starting point of the brand, and to release smaller capsule collections before our full fledged Fall/Winter collection.

Stevie Ray Vaughan has always been such a stylish individual, from his game changing take on Blues Rock to his one of kind look, he has always been an icon that has stood out from the pack. I had the idea to build a capsule around a mythical dive bar, and work with imagery and themes that related back to the watering holes that played such an integral part of my life. To me the music of Stevie Ray embodies that look and feel perfectly, and giving a nod to my favorite album of his and him only felt natural.

I learned so much growing up by obsessing over the musicians I idolized, from reading every detail and thank you in the liner notes to combing through every photo and video I could find. Discovering all of this came from other people I looked up to and it has been a goal of mine to continue sharing the art that inspires me so much with others so that it can hopefully continue to live on the way it has for me.

The “Texas Flood” collection is now available to purchase on One Of These Days.

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