Are Victoria Fuller & Chris Soules Dating? This Rumor Is Wild

If there’s one thing Bachelor alums love doing, it’s pairing off — and sometimes, the result is random AF. The franchise has brought together couples like Drew Kenney and Amy Long, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, and Chris Bukowski and Katrina Badowski, who — despite never appearing on screen together — managed to find love when the cameras weren’t rolling. The latest rumored Bachelor Nation couple: Chris Soules, the star of The Bachelor Season 19, and Victoria F. from The Bachelor Season 24. According to Reality Steve, it’s rumored that Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are dating, and now I’m like 😲. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Fuller and Soules about the dating rumors but didn’t hear back in time for publication. Reality Steve declined to comment.)

On April 15, the reality TV insider and podcast host spilled the tea to his followers, saying that Fuller is reportedly visiting Soules in Iowa. "I don’t know how long this has been going on or how serious it is, but I can confirm that Victoria Fuller is currently together in Iowa for the week with Chris Soules," he tweeted. Whether this is a Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron-type isolationship or the real deal, however, is unclear.

Of course, upon hearing this news, I immediately combed through both of their Instagrams for evidence and found… basically nothing. As of April 3, Fuller was hunkered down in Virginia Beach with Buxton, her cute pup, and not doing much of anything. "Day 87 of quarantine. I now live in these sweat pants," she captioned the mirror selfie. "Tried to organize my closet. Failed. Thought with all this extra time I would finish my book or take up dusting. I have not. Turns out I am just lazy." V relatable content. Perhaps she thought a jaunt to Iowa (and a fling with a farmer) would spice things up?

Soules and Fuller follow each on Insta, and though Soules didn’t like her most recent pic, he did double tap a steamy bikini video Fuller shared on March 20, as well as a group pic Fuller posted with some of her fellow Season 24 contestants on March 11. Of course, that doesn’t mean much, but just saying.

Since breaking off his six-month engagement with Whitney Bischoff back in May 2015, Soules has kept a relatively low profile in Iowa, while Fuller has seemingly remained single ever since her split from Peter Weber. Reality Steve is rarely wrong, so time will only tell whether or not this rumored new Bachelor Nation couple is actually a thing. In the meantime, Chris Harrison seriously needs to pitch a Bachelor in Quarantine spinoff series.

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