Apple Is Reportedly Revamping Its watchOS To Focus on Widgets

Apple is currently in the process of overhauling its watchOS for the next Apple Watch software update, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The upcoming watchOS 10 will apparently center on widgets as a core feature of the watch’s interface.

The Apple Watch rolled out in 2015 with a unique widgets interface dubbed Glances that was eventually phased out in favor of an interface more geared towards multitasking.

Instead, one’s notifications took priority over widgets and users would have to open up an app to get the information they need.

Apple is now working on an interface that combines the “old watchOS Glances system and the style of widgets that were introduced in iOS 14 on the iPhone,” per Gurman’s report.

The new design would allow users to utilize widgets for functions like checking the weather or looking at the calendar, bypassing the need for them to locate and open an app.

Gurman says that the revamped watchOS “will be reminiscent of the Siri watch face (shown above) introduced in watchOS 4.” It’s still unknown, however, when exactly Apple plans to roll out the alleged software update.

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