ANREALAGE's Photochromic Fendi Capsule Changes Colors in Light

Fendi‘s longstanding appreciation of Japanese culture has manifested in a variety of recent collaborations, wherein the luxury label partnered with domestic heritage brands like Moonstar and PORTER for special edition accessories. Fall/Winter 2020 saw the house enlist ANREALAGE founder Kunihiko Morinaga for another joint effort, this time remixing a signature bag and ready-to-wear with the experimental fabrics that have brought Morinaga international acclaim.

Dubbed “Fendi-fied classicism,” the refined collection delivered slick leather layers and mature tailoring, but it’s presentation ended with four statement looks showcasing futuristic sportswear infused with Morinaga’s envelope-pushing tech. A repurposing of photochromic textiles first seen in ANREALAGE’s FW13 range, a Fendi jacket, vest, T-shirt, bucket hat and bespoke Peekaboo Siganture bag feature a pale quilted shell emblazoned with stylized logos and occasionally contrasted against black accents — when exposed to UV light (including the sun’s rays) the garments shift into Fendi’s signature yellow hue.

“These four garments … have been realized with ANREALAGE by Kunihiko Morinaga, who I call a ‘fashion scientist,’” Venturini Fendi told Esquire. “He has been working for many years on techno-fabrics and so we worked together on a fabric that changes according to the sun’s rays.”

All of the ANREALAGE items are available on Fendi’s website, where the items retail for $690 USD (bucket hat) to $6,400 USD (Peekaboo bag).

Far from the only standout luxury collaboration of the season, Fendi womenswear director Kim Jones recently introduced Dior’s latest collaborative Shawn Stussy capsule.
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