ANNA MIKHAILOVA: 'We're worth it' L'Oreal to repay £6m furlough cash

ANNA MIKHAILOVA: ‘We’re worth it’ L’Oreal to repay £6m furlough cash

The furlough scheme is ‘naturally winding down’, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said last week. While that may be true for some, others need more of a nudge.

For example, the cosmetic giant L’Oreal, which readers will recall took inspiration from its ‘Because I’m Worth It’ slogan when claiming taxpayers’ funds in the pandemic. 

But now I can reveal the firm has pledged to repay its near £6 million furlough cash after I asked, above, why such a profitable business was claiming it in the first place.

L’Oreal, you see, cleared a near £5 billion profit during 2020. Yet when the second lockdown struck in December, it started claiming on the scheme. By January this year, L’Oreal had taken nearly £1 million.

The furlough scheme is ‘naturally winding down’, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said last week. While that may be true for some, others need more of a nudge

Newly released HMRC data shows that by March the figure was somewhere ‘between £2.5 million and £6 million’. Originally the beauty giant insisted its furlough claims were within the rules.

But last night there was a U-turn after being informed it would be starring in this column once more. A spokesman said L’Oreal would repay all the furlough claims made during the second lockdown.

Others happy to let taxpayers stump up for workers’ wages include Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone, socialists Tony and Cherie Blair and professional geezers Guy Ritchie and Jamie Oliver, not forgetting the Scottish golf resort of one Donald Trump. Like L’Oreal, they’re worth it. So it’s time to cough up.

Lib Dem candidate Sarah Green paints a pretty picture of Chesham and Amersham in her by-election literature.

‘The carpet of bluebells in the woods and blossoming trees remind us what a special part of the country we live in,’ she says.

Businesswoman Green, who is fighting to win the Buckinghamshire seat after the death of Tory MP Dame Cheryl Gillan is obviously an expert on the local flora – having lived in the area since, er, April.

Dehenna registers new love 

It appears Tory MP Dehenna Davison, whose 2018 wedding, left, to a Hull councillor 35 years her senior featured on reality TV show Bride And Prejudice, has found a more discreet way of publicising her love life.

Now separated, Dehenna, 27, has used the MPs’ Register of Interests – not normally considered the most sexy social medium – to update us on her latest squeeze. Last week, the MP for Bishop Auckland made things official with her new partner, Ahzaz Chowdhury, by declaring him in the ‘family members engaged in lobbying’ section of the register.

The declaration of love and lobbying – Chowdhury runs a public affairs firm – has got Westminster tongues wagging that a second wedding for Davison is on the cards. But just like another famous Tory blond did, she first must finalise her divorce.

In a giant step backwards for all, Tory MP Philip Davies has been elected to the Women and Equalities Committee.

The member for Shipley is a regular at men’s rights conferences alongside self-proclaimed ‘male supremacists’, one of whom called for the introduction of a ‘bash a violent bitch month’. 

Davies has also pushed for an ‘International Men’s Day’ and a ‘Minister for Men’ and fronted his own campaign to erase the word ‘women’ from the committee he just joined.

One of the group’s insiders said of the new blood: ‘The man’s an abomination – he is so out of touch’ while another went for the more pithy: ‘He’s a ****.’

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