Alt-Rock Band Dim Shows How Love Never Leaves After A Loss In ‘Home Is Where You Are’

Capturing the pain when you ‘lose someone close,’ the new video from rock act dim shows there’s a reason to ‘keep going’ through the grief until you find the love and hope on the other side.

The world is a bit muted and dull at the start of “home is where you are,” the new video from Atlanta alt-rock group dim. In the visual, premiering here on HollywoodLife, an unnamed woman wakes in the woods, seemingly confused and lost for purpose. As she wanders through the wilderness, she comes across a message written on a branch: “Keep Going.” Keep going, she does, as dim – singer Matt Mulkey (Young Mountain, MOLEKEY, ex-Woe Is Me), drummer Ben Cato (ex-The Dangerous Summer), and guitarists Nick Lowry and Charlie Pinkard – deliver a heartfelt ode, simple in its elegance, about dealing with the time after a significant loss.

The video sees this unnamed traveler follow the invisible path laid out for her until the climactic end reveals the purpose of her journey.  “It’s a long way up to heaven,” Matt sings on the song, with its invigorating production that will lift any spirit high. “No one even knows what’s going on / Do you know the name of your angels / No one even knows who’s coming home / Home, home, home is where you are”

“The music video is about the search, the questioning, what goes on when you lose someone close,” dim’s Matt Mulkey tells HollywoodLife. “Yet, when you stop to look around and take it all in, you see the signs they leave for you and notice them within the beauty of everything. Their love and your home, is right where you are – it’s never gone, it’s always there within you.”

“home is where you are” marks the third single this year from the Atlanta band. Their earlier releases include “start over again” and “break you down,” a song about the destructive cycle of toxic and abusive relationships.

Born and raised in Atlanta’s rock underground, dim formed in 2020, right as the pandemic was dampening the light of the world. Matt, Ben, Nick, and Charlie knew each other for more than a decade, crossing each other’s paths through their respective other bands and creative pursuits. Ultimately, the timing was right for all four to come together for a single project, and thus, dim was born. With a debut album set sometime for the summer, dim promises to bring an LP of their brand of emotional pop-rock, one that will make the world seem anything but dim.

“home is where you are” is out now.


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