Alex Le Tissier says its been hard since daughter found out about her sex work

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  • A Babestation model with a famous father-in-law says her eldest daughter found out about her sex work in school – and described it as a difficult time.

    Alex Le Tissier, 31, set herself up on OnlyFans during the pandemic to help feed her four kids.

    Her and husband Mitch started struggling financially and were just two weeks away from needing a foodbank.

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    But Alex turned the family’s fortunes around after embracing sex work.

    Three years on and she is now pocketing more than £10,000 a month from it.

    And although she said the financial freedom allowed her to be an even better mum, she claimed her kids finding out has been challenging.

    Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “It has been difficult.

    “My eldest is at high school and there has been no issues but recently a few of the mums at school told their kids what I do.

    "So my daughter now knows fully what I do and it has been a bit difficult to kind of navigate that.

    “She is more aware of what I do now. She is just a bit like… obviously she is really happy for me and she would rather have the money than not but she is kind of going through the feelings of it because people keep talking about it.

    “A bunch of them found my TikTok and it isn’t even that big.

    “And I then had a long list of people I had to block. It's just one of those things and I can’t really get away from it unfortunately.”

    Alex recently featured in the Channel 5 show Cam Girls Get Rich which gave the public a behind the scenes insight into her life.

    And one of the things she talked about on the programme was just how hard sex work was.

    She was quoted saying if it was “just a case of taking your clothes off then everyone would do it” but she said it is a lot more demanding than that.

    And afterwards she spoke to us about how trolls often criticise her work ethic.

    Speaking about why that particularly irks her, she said: “I grew up in Guernsey where you can work at 14 and I had a privileged life but my parents were always like you need to work.

    “So I worked at Woolworths on weekends and kids my age at the time would make fun of me because they couldn’t believe I worked there but I wanted my own money.

    “Since then I have worked so many horrible retail jobs like Primark which was definitely one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had in my life.

    “I used to work literally two or three bar jobs alongside retail too.

    “I also used to do a bit of hairdressing and you just get paid nothing for such hard work.

    “It is really hard for me to talk about because all people see is me posting pictures online and they think that’s it but it’s the mental toll that job gives you.

    “I am just really going through it now.

    “So many girls at work are just jealous at how well I am doing so quickly. There is so much to deal with.”

    But she believes the life-changing money she is earning now is rewarding for all the years she spent grafting multiple jobs.

    Alex added: “I could make the money I was making in a month in a day or a couple of hours now.”

    And speaking to Daily Star Sport about how others accuse her of “ruining” the legacy of Matt Le Tissier, Alex said she was “overwhelmed” with her recent rise.

    She said: “It is crazy now. I think this month I am about to make the best I have ever made.

    “It is a bit overwhelming really and I have a lot of imposter syndrome to be honest.

    “It is really crazy. A lot of women in the industry who have been doing this for 10 or 15 years said I have made such an impact in such a short space of time and I am a bit like ‘oh my God’ because I do find it overwhelming.

    “But it is really good.”


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