Aldi's Christmas hampers are back for 2020

Hampers are the lifeblood of Christmas time, but they can be quite pricy depending on where you get them from.

Thankfully, Aldi has dropped their affordable yet impressive range for another year, with prices starting at just £19.99.

With many of the contents from the Specially Selected range at the store, you can choose from one of the seven options to find a hamper that suits whoever you’re gifting to (or yourself, we’re not judging).

Here’s what’s on offer this year:

  • Christmas Favourites Hamper – £19.99
  • Vegan Hamper – £29.99
  • Chocolate Celebration Hamper – £29.99
  • Afternoon Treats Hamper – £39.99
  • Luxury Collection Hamper – £59.99
  • Christmas Feast Hamper – £79.99
  • Ultimate Celebration Hamper – £99.99

Some have fizz and wine while others are more focused on fancy teas and biscuits.

They all come pre-packaged in either a gift box or a wicker basket, and can be delivered to your gift recipient’s door for socially distanced presents.

Pre-order the Aldi hamper range here for delivery on 11 November.

Aldi isn’t the only company who have unveiled their hampers for the year.

Liberty’s colourful options start at £75 for an alcohol-free tote bag option or £350 for a wicker (and Liberty print, of course) version with all the bells and whistles.

M&S has also rolled out a small range of Christmas delights, with a variety of options starting from £20 (for a tea and cake option) and going all the way up to £750 (for their absolutely massive Blenheim hamper).

One thing we’ll certainly see this year is that hamper ranges will be bigger and more inclusive than ever. From gluten-free boxes to gifts that include games and keepsakes, you’ll be able to send your loved ones a tailor-made present that you didn’t need to tailor.

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