Aisha Tyler demonstrates the ‘Sydney Poitier,’ a twist on the Manhattan

We love her in New York.

“Archer” actress Aisha Tyler is your newest at-home bartending instructor, teaching how to mix a variation on the classic Manhattan cocktail called “The Sydney Poitier.”

She drops a bit of Juneteenth-appropriate wisdom in the middle of the recipe, too: One of the first master distillers of whiskey in the United States was a black man named Nathan Nearest Green, who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey.

Tyler, 49, uses Punt e Mes, a vermouth variation with a distinctly intense taste, as well as chocolate bitters, to construct her cocktail, and suggests a piece of chocolate as a garnish if you’re trying to deviate from the standard-Manhattan-issue cherry.

Tyler’s Courage & Stone line of pre-mixed cocktails offer the two cornerstones of any American drinking session: The Manhattan and Old-Fashioned.

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