Airport security guard and delivery man get 10 Years Younger makeover

Single mother, 56, who ‘let herself go’ and delivery man, 47, whose party lifestyle destroyed his teeth are unrecognisable after their makeovers on 10 Years Younger In 10 Days

  • Single mother Michelle, 56, said she feels she has lost her zest for life
  • Meanwhile delivery man Nick, 47, haunted by years of smoking and drinking
  • Both have lost confidence with strangers guessing they were over 10 years older 

An airport security guard and a delivery man looked completely different after a stint on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days last night. 

British single mother Michelle, 56, said her confidence plummeted when  her daughter’s father left her 26 years ago on her first Mother’s Day.

She took part in the show alongside father-of-two and delivery driver Nick, 47, who was haunted by years of neglect and drinking that had damaged his gums and teeth.

At the start of the show, an experiment found that both were thought to be much older than their actual ages by a panel of strangers, with Michelle being given an average age of 62 by passers-by, and Nick an average of 60.  

Thanks to the expertise of 10 Years Younger’s stylist, hair, make-up and dentistry specialists, they both emerged looking much younger and happier. 

Viewers were blown-away by the makeovers on last night’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days where father-of-two Nick, 47, pictured before, left, looked much more confident after a little help from the show’s experts, right 

In the show, Michelle said she had struggled for the past 26 years, ever since she was left by the father of her daughter Isabella. 

She explained: ‘I’ve just gone through the past 26 years trying to be a good mum, always struggling, making sure food is on the table for Isabella. I go to work and I think “what’s the point?”, I just exist.’

Bursting into tears, she said her daughter was just ‘three months old’ when her partner broke up with her.  

She explained: ‘It just become me and Isabella, to fight the world and it was very hard and you gradually become less and less, although I had the joy of having my daughter, life left me behind.’ 

Airport security guard Michelle, 56, felt and looked years older than she actually was, left, but got back to her fun-loving roots thanks to the makeover, right 

Speaking to the camera, Isabella agreed her mother had changed, saying: ‘When I was younger she used to be super vibrant.’

Michelle had a keen eye for fashion in the 80s,  adding: ‘I look at old photographs when I had the big beaming smile and its naturally how I used to be and I feel sad.’

She said she used to feel her whole life was ahead of her at the time, but feels differently now. 

Isabelle said she hoped the makeover would restore her mother’s vibrant personality, explaining: ‘I feel it’s a waste for her to be stuck indoors when she could be brightening everyone’s life, not just mine.’ 

A public poll of Michelle’s estimated age found people placed her at 62, six years older than she actually was.  

Michelle was left speechless by her makeover, pictured, saying she was ready to conquer the world 

She told host Cherry Healy she couldn’t even think of dating, due to her decaying teeth.  

‘There’s no way I could go on a date with somebody,’ she said. 

Michelle’s first appointment was with Dr Tapan Patel, who told Isabella she thought a face lift would completely change the way she felt about herself. 

The single mother said: ‘When I look at myself, all I’m seeing is this weight of life, trying to keep your head above water but you’re submerged always, there’s more lines, more haggard, more tired.’ 

Dr Tapan treated her skin with a liquid face-lift, using fillers and Botox to tighten and contour the skin of her face. 

Michelle was left speechless, saying: ‘You’re a miracle worker. I don’t know what to say.’

She also had an appointment with stylist Gemma Sheppard, who got her re-acquainted with her body shape and talked her through what she wanted to wear. 

Michelle said she was the life and soul of the party when she was younger, and now, thanks to the makeover, pictured, she was ready to start shining her light again

After a few outfit changes in front of the mirror, Michelle’s confidence was fully boosted, and she seemed to reconnect with her fun-loving ways.

Finally, she had a hair appointment with stylist John Vial, who decided to go for a bold pink colour to shed years off her scalp. Meanwhile he cut her hair short to bring vitality to her locks.  

When Michelle’s makeover was unveiled, she couldn’t believe it was her.

She said: ‘It’s like a totally different woman, that’s definitely not Michelle. I look very funky and trendy.

‘I feel like a film star. I’m just a completely new person, I really feel now I can go out and conquer the world. 

Before the makeover, Michelle, left, felt defeated. After, right, she was glowing with renewed confidence

After the makeover, people placed Michelle’s age at 52, four years younger than her actual age, and ten years younger than previously thought.  

‘I do feel beautiful now,’ she said. ‘I can see a totally different woman, I feel like I just want to get out there and show the world who I am.’ 

Meanwhile, father-of-two Nick also appeared on the show, and said he felt his looks had been damaged by years of neglect. 

Nick used to work in a pub, and went through years of late nights, chain smoking and drinking, leaving his teeth deeply damaged. 

The delivery man was left hurt after a few of the people he delivered packages to for work had given him look of disgust. 

He said: ‘I used to be more confidence when I was younger and over time, from working long hours, I found myself drifting away. 

‘I look back now, maybe it did take his toll on me, the late nights and drinking and smoking.’

Meeting his wife Rosie was a pivotal moment in Nick’s life, and he said she gave him a reason to live. 

Nick said he felt his wife Rosie wouldn’t be proud of being on a night out with him before, left, but after the makeover, he said he would be taking her out much more 

He revealed: ‘My wife came along and helped me to see it was quite a negative environment I was in.’ 

Rosie said: ‘No matter how hard he tries, it’s in front of him: he neglected himself.

‘I hope that Nick will enjoy looking at himself in the mirror, which he should because he’s so handsome and he should be able to see what I see. 

‘My wife’s so lovely, she makes me so proud when I’m around, and I want her to feel the same amount of “prideness” as me,’ Nick said. 

At the beginning of the show, Nick had to stand through a public poll in order to estimate the average age people gave her. 

Strangers said she was around 60, 13 years older than how old she actually was.  

It was quite a shock for Nick, who said: ‘That’s quite a leap.’  

Kicking off his makeover, Nick met with Gemma, who gave him a lesson in basics, taking him out of his comfort zone with hats and other accessories. 

And he then visited skin therapist Nilam Holmes, who waxed his eyebrows in order to give more structure to his face, which was a big change for the father-of-two, who said he looked more awake. 

The biggest appointment of Nick’s journey came when he met Dr Uchenna. 

Other dentists had told Nick there was nothing to be done about his decaying gnashers, but Dr Uchenna decided to whiten them in order to get rid of bacteria, and to erase as much of the damage as possible.  

Nick struggled to recognise himself in the mirror, saying it was as if someone else was looking back, pictured after the makeover 

Nick’s gum had receded, meaning his teeth were moving, and the roots of his teeth – which is usually hidden in healthy mouths – was on show.  

Seeing his whitened teeth was a relief for Nick, who added:  ‘I had totally given up thinking it would be sorted out, I just didn’t think I could afford what needed to be done.’

His teeth were a reminder of his past, and he said he could finally look towards the future.  

‘What I’m learning about myself is that i didn’t really have a clue about anything,’ Nick said, revealing he had never taken care of himself this way. 

‘This experience is definitely life changing,’ he said. 

When the makeover was over, Nick looked completely different. 

His bushy beard was completely shaved to reveal a smooth, angular jaw. His hair was also shortened and appeared darker.   

‘It’s mad, that’s so weird, someone else’s looking back,’ Nick told Cherry after discovering his new look. 

After his transformation, people put Nick’s age at 46, a year younger than his actual age and 14 years younger than people previously thought.  

His wife Rosie was blown away by the change.  

‘I’ve never seen him so cleaned shaven and so smart and happy he looked brilliant,’ she said.  

10 Years Younger in 10 Years airs on Thursdays on Channel 5. 

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