A third of men have never changed the bedsheets in their own home, study finds

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During the lockdown more focus has been put onto housework owing to the fact that we have all has a lot of time on our hands… or so we thought.

A new study has uncovered some rather shocking news that some basic household chores have actually been ignored entirely by some.

Research conducted by cleaning company Maid2Match laid bare the fact that a third of men have never actually changed their bedsheets at home.

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In a survey of 1,000 men and women based in UK, Australia and America, over half (53%) of the men also admitted that they had perviously performed a household task badly on purpose.

Additionally, over a quarter (26%) revealed that they feel that when the completed chores they did not get enough praise.

Even though we are now living in 2020, and you'd think we would have left the 1950s housewife troupe firmly in the past, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In fact a third of the woman surveyed (66%), stated that they did the majority of the housework.

Perhaps unsurprisingly married men do even less housework.

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According to the research they average around 35 minutes per week doing chores, which pales in comparison to married woman who take on two and a half hours a week.

In contrast single men spend an hour and 20 minutes per week focusing on their housework, whereas single woman allocate on average an hour and 50 minutes.

However, there was one positive to be taken from the study, which was that British men are the more involved with housework than their Australian or American counterparts, with men in the US reportedly doing the least.

Toby Schulz, the CEO and co-founder of Maid2Match said: "We were quite surprised at how traditional the majority of families and couples still are with how they designate cleaning responsibilities.

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“We have a significant number of male cleaners working for us, but it appears that outside of the cleaning industry, the duty of chores still falls mainly on the woman’s shoulders.

“Considering how much society has evolved over the last seventy years, where just as many women work full-time as do men, it seems unfair that they are still the ones who are picking up the dirty socks or vacuuming the house at the weekend.”

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