A Peek Inside T-Pains Ultra Luxurious Garage

Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain was only ten when he turned his bedroom into a recording studio and began creating music. After a short-lived career in a rap group, he set sail solo and was signed on by Akon in 2004. A year later, T-Pain released his debut album, which became certified gold, and his 2007 album Epiphany hit the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200. Through collaborations with famous artists like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jamie Foxx, the rapper has won several accolades, including 2 Grammy Awards. With a net worth of over $10 million, T-Pain spends most of his earnings on adding cars to his collection.

Along with love for cars, T-Pain also enjoys tweaking and updating some of his special vehicles and co-owns Auto Extreme, a car customizing company. Through his venture, the rapper has painted and even changed trim levels of the vehicles in his collection. Let’s look at some of the luxury cars in T-Pain’s garage.

9 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head ($1.1 million)

While the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head is already a rare car in T-Pain’s collection, it is exceptional because it’s North America’s first production model, as noted by Top Speed. With the help of Auto-Extreme, the rapper customized 24-inch trims to match the titanium hood, teak-decked the rear, and decorated the Phantom Drop Head with an all-leather interior.

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8 Lamborghini Aventador ($393,695)

The 2014 Aventador is a silent yet deadly beast that can capture the attention of anybody around. Purchased in 2014, the Lamborghini Aventador in T-Pain’s collection is from a special anniversary edition as the automaker celebrated 50 years of Lamborghini. The rapper bought the supercar in its signature red shade and is equipped with a dynamic 6.5-liter V12 engine.

7 Chevrolet Impala ($19,476)

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The fifth generation of the Impala, the model, ran from 1971 to 1976, with the rapper owning the 1972 iteration. The Impala has a lower height grille and an extended lower bumper than its predecessor. T-Pain customized the car through his company and airbrushed artwork of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight on its hood, changing the color of the Impala to green to go with the overall theme.

6 Ferrari 458 Italia ($245,000)

A car that has enjoyed success from critics and the public alike globally, the Ferrari 458 Italia is special. The Italia has a compact yet aerodynamic shape with an award-winning V8 engine that prances from 0 to 62 MPH in less than 3.4 seconds. According to Complex, T-Pain purchased the 458Italia after selling his $1.2 million Bugatti Veyron in 2014.

5 Ferrari F430 ($250,000)


Another Ferrari in the collection, the F430, was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2004 before it was available for retail the following year. With a 4.3-liter V8, the car offers a jaw-dropping performance. A curvy ride, T-Pain owns the supercar in the shade of Ferrari’s signature candy red.

4 Ford Mustang GT500 ($74,555)

A special car in the collection, a customized Mustang, was gifted to T-Pain in 2021 by Vaughn Gittin Jr. in collaboration with RTR Trim. The GT500 got a few tweaks and changes, including a steering angle kit, added coil overs, and Spec 5 without a supercharger. The car spec was badged with C-137, the dimension where the characters Rick and Morty come from.

3 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave ($45,670)


One of the most successful cars produced by Jeep, the Gladiator, has been well-liked for its off-road capabilities. The 2020 Mojave edition has a trim with a Desert-rated Badge and has a six-speed manual transmission, as stated by Car and Driver. Through its large presence on the rocky terrains, the Mojave is a stand-out in the car, offering T-Pain the perfect ride for an adventure.

2 1994 Honda Accord ($2,926)

A benchmark model that took Honda to new heights, the 1994 Accord is a fifth-generation iteration known for its comfort and safety. The white and orange Accord has remained one of his favorite classic cars despite his collection’s multiple Italian and British supercars. It comes with a four-cylinder engine that produces 130 HP.

1 Nissan Silvia S14.5 ($14,746)

In 2019, T-Pain got the artwork done on yet another vehicle; this time, it was the Nissan Silvia S14.5. As mentioned by The Drive, the Silvia was brought after the rapper got interested in drifting as the model is known for its capabilities. T-Pain paid homage to the animated show Rick and Morty by customizing it in a Pickle Rick livery. The front has Rick’s face while Mr. Meeseeks is in the back with the words Look At Me.

Other luxury cars in T-Pain’s garage include the BMW E46, Cadillac Escalade, and a 1972 Oldsmobile 442. As one of the most prominent celebrity car collectors, T-Pain ensures that he regularly adds new cars to his collection while selling some lesser used ones to make ample space in his garage.

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