6 Best Coat Hooks For Wall 2020 | The Sun UK

COAT HOOKS are one of those easy buys for the home that can make a huge difference to a space, in addition to serving a functional purpose.

While some coat hooks are designed to go over doors, the best coat hooks for walls tend to be more permanent fixtures in the home, since they typically require screwing into the wall.

These days, you'll find coat hooks for walls in every colour, style and material you can think of.

Whether you prefer wood or metal, colourful plastic or elaborate stoneware designs, there's a coat hook that exists to suit your needs, space and budget.

You can also find self-adhesive coat hooks – that stick! – if you just need a short-term fix or don't want to drill a hole in the wall.

While you can find plenty of individually sold coat hooks online that tend to work well in groupings of 3s and 5s, you can also find coat hooks for the wall that come attached to one base or rack.

Our favourite coat hooks make a style statement, too, whether they're minimalist and sleek or handpainted and arty.

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