5-Year-Old Pulled Over On Highway While On His Way To California To Buy Lamborghini

It was his way or the highway — literally.

On Monday, a 5-year-old boy from Utah was found behind the wheel of a car during a traffic stop on Interstate 15 in Ogden, the Utah Highway Patrol tweeted.

The boy told the shocked state trooper that he had gotten in a fight with his mom because she refused to buy him a Lamborghini. After the argument, the boy decided to steal the keys to his family’s Dodge Journey so he could drive to California to buy the luxury sports car himself.

“He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet,” read a follow-up tweet from the highway patrol.

Rick Morgan, the state trooper who pulled over the boy, told The Associated Press that he initially thought the driver of the SUV was impaired or was having a medical emergency. He told the AP that he was “not expecting to find what I found” when he approached the car.

“It was pretty clear when the window came down that it was a young, very underage driver that was behind the wheel,” Morgan told AP.

“He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there.”

Morgan said that he helped the kid put the vehicle in park, turned the car off and tracked down his parents. The boy had made it about two miles from his home, according to local news channel KUTV.

The boy’s teenaged sister — who was watching her younger siblings while her parents were at work — told KUTV she “lost it” once she realized he was gone.

She said that while she was watching the kids, she fell asleep and woke up to a nightmare situation.

“I saw that the truck was gone, and he was gone, and the keys were gone … I don’t know what went through his mind.”

The family told the local news that the boy had never done anything like this before and they didn’t know how he managed to pull it off.

As for the boy, KUTV noted that he was shy about his little joy ride but had one thing to say about the fiasco.

“The police told me I drive good,” he said.


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