3 duvet hacks that will make changing your sheets so much easier

Ever wondered what the easiest way to change a duvet cover is, when it’s already too late and you’re tangled in sheets with arm ache? Us too. Luckily, this list of sheet-changing hacks is here to help.

Changing a duvet cover is just one of those tasks, isn’t it? It’s fussy, takes forever and feels like an inordinate amount of effort, but alas, it has to be done.

From getting the cover the wrong way around and having to start again to struggling to flap the sheet down to the end of the duvet, it’s the definition of fiddly and is especially hard if you’re doing it on your own. In fact, we’ll put our hands up and admit we’ve put the whole thing off for a week longer than we should have and delayed washing sheets, simply because we can’t be bothered.

If you feel the same, we think you’ll be glad to find out that there are some tips and tricks that you can try to make this ordeal a little easier. We’ve done some research into the best ways to change a duvet cover, so be sure to swot up before laundry day comes around again.

The ‘burrito’ method

Inhabitat editor Yuka Yoneda made this duvet changing trick a sensation back in 2015 when she posted a video of her practising the ‘burrito’ method to YouTube, although plenty of people still don’t know about it.

This method involves laying both your duvet and duvet cover flat on your bed, one on top of the other, and rolling them into a pancake, before flipping the ends over and rolling it out flat again but this time combined. Here’s a step-by-step guide below:

1.Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on your bed so that the opening is at the foot of your bed.

2.Lay your duvet flat, on top of your duvet cover, making sure all of the corners are matched up and aligned.

3.Starting at the head of your bed, roll your duvet and duvet cover down the bed together, like a burrito.

4.When you get to the end of your bed, take one end and reach into the duvet cover and flip it over exposing the right side of your duvet cover, burying the duvet inside.

5.Do the same for the other side, so that both ends now look like your duvet cover (with duvet inside) should.

6.Once both sides are successfully flipped over, flip over the duvet cover as well.

7.Now unroll your burrito back up to the top of your bed, and it should unroll ready-made.

8.Plus, you can just reverse the process when it’s time to wash your sheets.

The ‘roll and stuff’ method

Bedding store Yorkshire Linen knows a thing or two about duvet covers, so it should be no surprise that they’ve got the drop on the best way to put one on. The brand has been using – what we like to call – the ‘roll and stuff’ method since 2013, and it makes changing your duvet cover so easy that it can be done in under a minute. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it yourself:

1.Lay your duvet cover flat on your bed with the opening at the foot of the bed and place your duvet on top of it, with the corners aligned.

2.Roll the duvet down the bed towards the foot of the bed into a tube, but leaving a couple of inches loose so that you’re still able to hold the corners.

3.Open the end of the duvet cover and push the rolled-up tube inside, placing the corners of the duvet into the corners of the duvet cover.

4.Keeping hold of the corners that are already in place, shake the duvet cover so that the rest of the duvet unrolls inside the cover.

Invest in the right equipment 

Or, you can make things really easy for yourself and actually buy products which help you change a duvet. Most of the duvet-changing tools out there are some form of clip, that attach the duvet corner and duvet sheet corner, making it easier to shake the rest of the duvet out.

You can get clips like this for under £10 on Amazon, such as The Quilt Clip by Caraselle. We also like the sound of Hopoli, which is a product that consists of two sturdy clips which attach to the back of a door. The idea is that you clip your duvet cover up with the corners left open for the duvet to be inserted, which also automatically clips in place. With both the duvet and cover suspended on the back of the door, your hands are free to wiggle the cover down to cover the rest of the duvet. 

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