2K Under Fire For Placing Unskippable Ads In NBA 2K21 Loading Screens (Again)

2K Games has come under fire again after placing unskippable advertisements in NBA 2K21. The latest installment of the basketball video game has garnered praise for its lifelike portrayals via the upcoming PlayStation 5.

While fans are yet to experience playing the game on a next-gen console, it’s expected that 2K21 will be a huge success via such platforms.

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Last year, fans were made to complain about the developers placing ads they were not able to skip past in NBA 2K20 pre-game loading screens. NBA 2K19 also saw 2K get slammed for ads.

It appears the trend will continue on the current version of the title. Publication Stevivor spotted and recorded at least one ad in the game which appears on PS4, Xbox One, and PC iterations following a tip from a reader. Stevivor shows the ad, which refers to the Oculus Quest 2 and was seen on MyTEAM Season 2, Ep. 7 pre-game loading screen. The ad runs automatically but does not last as long as the loading screen. It can’t be skipped, however.

You could see a clip right below:

We don’t expect that complaints will see to any changes as 2K has been practicing this since 2K19.

Gamers, though, have every right to protest this as they’re paying full price for the game. 2K21 is currently priced at $59.99 and should remain that way for several months, barring a sale. The next-gen version should go for $10 more.

Whether or not such ads are placed in the PS5 or Xbox X/S Series versions of NBA 2K21 is yet to be seen.

Source: Stevivor

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