2023 Toyota GR Supra Will Come With a Manual Transmission

The Toyota GR Supra is a car of many petrolhead’s dreams, but when it first launched in 2019, fans were rightly disappointed that the car only came with a BMW-supplied automatic gearbox. Now, for 2023, Toyota‘s Gazoo Racing division answers driver’s prayers by adding in a six-speed manual gearbox, complementing it with a spherical shift knob that’s short, easy to grab, and use when chucking your prized possession around.

In addition to the six-speed, which is only available on RZ-spec Supras, Toyota adds an iMT system to rev-match the driver’s clutch and shifting, making sporty driving that bit easier as you shift up and down through the gears. Inside, a manual transmission sound will be emitted from the JBL Premium Sound System, while more upgrades have appeared on the outside as well.

For example, RZ models can now be fitted with 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, drawing from the GR Yaris and GR86 to reduce 1.2kg per wheel of unsprung weight and thus making handling that ounce better. New “Premium Titanium Dark Silver” paint can be applied as well, as can “Volcanic Ash Gray Metallic” and “Dawn Blue Metallic,” and the RZ-special “Avalanche White Metallic.”

The upgraded Toyota GR Supra can be seen above, and more information can be found online or in your local dealership.

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