18 Genius Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cooking Recipes from Scratch So Much Easier

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Many of us have some sense of how to outfit a kitchen. We know to fill ours with silverware, plates, pots and pans — and perhaps even a handful of spatulas. We’ve got baking sheets and oven-friendly dishes. And we have plenty of containers to store food in once we’ve cooked it. But when it comes to the myriad other kitchen tools out there, we draw something of a blank.

Do we really need a food processor, or can we just use a blender? Is an apple slicer worth it, or are we just being lazy? And are air fryers really worth all the hype they keep getting? Each time we answer one of these questions, another seems to appear. Another kitchen gadget is invented, another cooking fad hits the zeitgeist, another friend introduces us to a product they swear by.

We’re positively inundated by products that promise to make our lives easier. And some of them probably will. But we need some way to sift through the noise — to understand the difference between a kitchen gadget that aids a very small niche of people, and a kitchen gadget that could actually help us.

Thankfully, there’s a vast array of kitchen tools out there designed to help the masses. These gadgets tackle tasks any home cook could reasonably be expected to accomplish, regardless of skill or experience level. In some cases, these kitchen tools will eliminate a common problem. In other cases, they’ll speed up the cooking process. And in other cases, they’ll do most of the work for you. But all of them will do something that actually needs doing, making them foundational additions to anyone’s culinary arsenal.

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