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GIN fans will love there’s a plethora of gin clubs out there offering lots of different types and flavours of their favourite spirit, with the best gin subscriptions providing product from different distillers every month.

They’re a great place to learn more about gin and to discover new styles – some clubs send you mini bottles, so you’re not investing too much in the unknown, while others send full size bottles with mixers and snacks.

With the best gin subscriptions you get to travel the globe, sampling craft gin from countries across the world, so you’re bound to find your next favourite drink there.

Some gin clubs supply recipes for cocktails, even gin balloons, others include mixers and garnishes in their subscription boxes, or snacks to go with your drink if you’re feeling peckish. They make great gifts for family and friends – or for yourself of course – and they’re available to suit a range of budgets.

Most gin subscription services let you sign up for just one box with no commitment and often there’s a special offer on your first box that makes it even better value for money. Sweet.

Read on for our roundup of the best gin subscriptions in the UK in 2023.

Best gin subscription at a glance:

  • Best gin subscription with garnishes and snacks: Craft Gin Club
  • Best non-alcholic gin subscription: Pentire Adrift Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit
  • Best gin subscription with mixers: Think Gin Club
  • Best multi-choice gin subscription: Heart of Suffolk Gin
  • Best gin subscription for live events: Gin To My Tonic Club

Heart of Suffolk Gin

  • Heart of Suffolk Gin, from £40 for a 3-month subscription (20cl bottle) – buy here

Gin lovers have a choice of several subscriptions at Heart of Suffolk Gin, include a 20cl bottle each month for three months (£40) and a 70cl bottle every month for three months (£105).

The company was founded in 2018 and now offers three varieties of its London-style gin: Betty’s Gin (fresh, with a slight orange undertone), Ivy’s Gin (hints of cranberry and clove, so great for the colder months) and Rosie’s Gin (fresh with a floral aroma). Each small batch is hand signed by the distiller

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Heart of Suffolk is located in Bacton, near Stowmarket and there’s a shop on site, as well as regular tasting events in the distillery, with dates listed on the website.

Bottle size: 20 or 70cl, subscription: three months, minimum subscription: no

Padstow Gin

  • Padstow Gin, £43 per month – buy here

Padstow Gin is made from local Cornish barley in fields overlooking the Camel Estuary at St George’s Well. Its signature ingredient is the local Alexanders or Horse Parsley, an edible plant that grows along the coast, which is then combined with juniper, pepper and citrus to create the spirit.

Padstow Spirits also has a bar and café in Padstow – 17 Duke Street – where you can sit and enjoy their award-winning gin if you’re in the area.

The subscription is monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: every month, minimum subscription: no


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Raisthorpe Gin

  • Raisthorpe Gin, £115 for a 3-month subscription – buy here

Raisthorpe Gin is handcrafted in small batches from local ingredients – including Yorkshire spring water – and started life in the kitchen of Raisthorpe Manor farm, Malton in 2008. Since then demand has grown and the company now offers a range of food and drink, including jams and cake, as well as gin.

The gin subscription is for three months (or alternatively you can opt for a six-month subscription for £230) and each month includes a 70cl bottle of Raisthorpe Gin, two bottles of Yorkshire Tonic (200ml each), a surprise savoury or sweet treat and a surprise gin 5cl bottle.

There’s a 6-month subscription also available.

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: three or six months, minimum subscription: no

Inverclyde Gin

  • Inverclyde Gin, £39.99 per month – buy here

A gin that is distilled on the coast and contains sea buckthorn and samphire in honour of its nautical origins. Ingredients also include coriander seed, orris root, sweet orange, bramble, angelica and of course, juniper.

The gin and tonic subscription comes with 12 x 200ml bottles of Scottish Just The Tonic – you can opt for low calorie tonic or ginger beer as your mixer instead.

Featuring the Lyle Hill Anchor – a memorial to the Free French forces based at Greenock in Inverclyde during World War II – each bottle also carries a personalised neck tag showing who bottled the gin.

Available on a monthly or two-monthly subscription.

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: every one or two months, minimum subscription: no

Pentire Adrift Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Pentire Adrift Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit, from £11.05 for 20cl bottle – buy here

Pentire doesn’t claim to be a gin, but it is gin-like and contains some of the ingredients you do find in gin, including rock samphire, sage and lemon. It’s alcohol-free so it’s ideal for the sober curious or those who just don’t like the taste of alcohol, and it’s great served with tonic.

The fact it’s offered on subscription is a bonus for those of us who choose to embrace a zero alcohol lifestyle.

You can choose your delivery every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks, and you save 15% on the regular purchase price.

Bottle size: 20 or 70cl, subscription: every 2 – 8 weeks, minimum subscription: no

The Craft Gin Club

  • Craft Gin Club Subscription Box, £42 a month – buy here

Promising "gin and more to your door", the UK’s biggest gin club delivers rare and exclusive small batch gins from across the globe for you to try at home. Across the year, gin lovers receive six gins from the UK and another six from outside the country.  

For £40 a month you’re sent a craft gin from one of the world’s finest distilleries, with the most recent boxes offering tastes from China and America.

For the high-end price tag, the box contains a full-sized bottle of craft gin, tonics, garnishes and ingredients to make the cocktail of the month. It even comes with sweet and savoury snack — it’s essentially a great evening sent to you in a box. 

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: every month or every other, minimum subscription: no 

Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club

  • Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club, £40 a month – buy here

Take a trip to the Highlands and explore Scotland's best gins for £40 a month. From the comfort of your own home, you’ll journey through the breadth of Scotland’s craft gins, from small producers throughout the country. 

Each box contains a 70cl bottle of gin, the recommended tonic water or mixer and suggestions of how to serve the drink. New members receive a Craft56 gin glass, too! 

Take the first step of this Scottish Gin discovery and sign up for the monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription.

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, minimum subscription: no 

I Love Gin

  • I Love Gin, £17.50/month -buy here

As an affordable alternative, I Love Gin sends two dinky gins and tonics from unique distilleries for you to mix and match into four delicious G&Ts. 

Have the pleasure of testing new concoctions at home for the same price (if not cheaper) as four drinks in your local bar. Along with the recipe book, these curated gins and tonics are sent with garnishes and notes on how to pair each flavour, so you can order the perfect drink next time you're out.

Bottle size: 5cl, subscription: three, six or 12 months, minimum subscription: no

Sipsmith Sipping Society

  • Sipsmith Sipping Society, £35 every two months – buy here

The Sipsmith Sipping Society is designed for the adventurous drinker — the one who’s happy to try rare botanical gins and probably never orders the same drink twice. 

Every other month, Sippers receive two experimental 20cl gins, with a run down from the Master Distiller Jared Brown of the character behind the drink.

For six instalments of £35, you can explore the wide variety of gins that Sipsmith have on offer including twists on English classics such as Lemon Drizzle and High Tea Gin, as well as the seasonal flavours such as Christmas Pudding, Spiced Pumpkin and Mulled Gin. There’s even a banana bread gin that’ll take you right back to March 2020.

Bottle size: 20cl, subscription: bi-monthly, minimum subscription: no

Think Gin Club

  • Think Gin Club, £40 per month – buy here 

When you Think Gin, you have to think big, as each month they send out a whole bottle of craft gin for you to enjoy with several bottles and cans of flavoured waters, tonics, juice to create a wealth of cocktails. 

In each box is also a complimentary gift – usually a swanky tool to take pride of place in your bar cart, and some much-needed bar snacks.

For £40 a month, members try gins from across the world to create new and exciting cocktails from the comfort of their own home. With the option to receive them monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly it’s ideal for every budget. 

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, minimum subscription: no


  • Intergin, £40 per month – buy here

This is the subscription box for all you die hard gin lovers. Expand your knowledge of gin and get two memberships in one. The Intergin club offers gin-credible extras including membership to the Craft Gin & Spirits Discount club, Sip + Share, which offers 35% off craft gins and tastings. 

In the monthly box, members receive a full bottle of UK or worldwide craft gin paired with the tonics and garnishes, nibbles and the Ginsarian newsletter and Sippit e-magazine. It’s a box of gin trivia as much as the drink itself.

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: every two months or every four months, minimum subscription: two gin club deliveries

Little Gin Box

  • Little Gin Box, £10 per month – buy here

For only £10 a month you can receive two carefully selected 50ml bottles of gins from the experts over at Little Gin Box. 

It’s an affordable way to sample gins from around the world without even leaving your house. The Little Gin Box is equipped with tasting notes so you can select the best mixer to match with that month’s chosen gin. 

With this non-committal subscription you have the flexibility to cancel anytime or fix your membership for three, six or twelve months for gin-filled fun without breaking the bank.  

Bottle size: 5cl x 2, subscription: monthly rolling, three, six or 12 months, minimum subscription: no

Gin To My Tonic

  • Gin To My Tonic, £35 per month – buy here

Let the summer be-gin with Gin To My Tonic.

Choose a 70cl bottle of gin (alternatively rum, or even both), decid on your mixers, then choose whether you prefer your delivery monthly or every two months.

As part of your subscription you'll also receive a recipe card each time, as well as an invitation to virtual tastings every quarter.

The club also hosts face-to-face festivals across the country throughout the year, and club membership gives you discounts on ticket prices for these.

It’s a subscription to share in a collective love of gin and the club is an extension of the popular Gin to my Tonic bar in Oxfordshire.  

Bottle size: 70cl, subscription: monthly or bi-monthly, minimum subscription: no

Where to buy gin subscriptions in the UK

There are lots of different gin subscriptions available, ranging from mini tasting bottles to full-size spirits, some with mixers, some without and some even come with a good range of snacks.

We found our roundup of the best gin subscriptions at:

  • Craft 56 Scottish Gin Club
  • Craft Gin Club
  • Gin To My Tonic
  • Heart of Suffolk
  • I Love Gin
  • Intergin
  • Inverclyde Gin
  • Little Gin Box
  • Padstow Gin
  • Pentire
  • Raisthorpe Gin Club
  • Sipsmith Sipping Society
  • Think Gin Club

How much are gin subscriptions?

Gin subscriptions are normally based on a monthly cost and can be anything from £10 a month to £40 a month depending on what the subscription service has to offer.

How much is Craft Gin Club?

Craft Gin Club costs £40 a month for a monthly box.

Each month, the box is centred around a different gin which can be from places including Yorkshire, Vietnam and Wales.

Which is the best gin subscription box?

This depends on what you're looking for. All of the gin subscriptions on this list are great and there are options for minis, monthly deliveries, boxes every three months, or full size bottles.

It's up to you which one suits your needs best.

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What are craft gins?

A craft gin is stilled in small batches often by a small team.

The recipe and flavours are determined by the master distiller who hand selects the ingredients, generally sourcing from the local area.


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