Yara Zaya Schools Jovi Dufren, Parents on Ukraine Stereotypes in 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek

On Sunday, 90 Day Fiance Season 8 returns from its one-week hiatus.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are going to be parents, so they are preparing themselves — and Jovi’s family.

But it turns out that Jovi and his mom have some “interesting” ideas about Ukrainian women, in the form of hurtful stereotypes.

Yara is setting them straight in this sneak peek.

Jovi has apparently told his parents that it was Yara’s “dream” to come to the United States even before they met.

Yara said that no, it was not … and then, in this clip, asked what gave Jovi such an idea.

“Because everybody from Ukraine wants to come to America,” Jovi claimed.

Now, we don’t see the context so there may be a lot of nuance lost between that exchange and what we next heard.

But Gwen then seemed to double down on Jovi’s claim.

She can be heard telling her husband that some Ukrainian women have one goal in life — to land an American man so that they can come here.

“I don’t like that so much hearing because it’s about my country,” Yara explained.

Apparently, the concept of rudeness and hurtful stereotypes had to be explained to the Dufrens.

Yara reasoned: “It’s kind of same stereotypes like many people think that Americans are so stupid.”

Even though Yara cited a real stereotype where Jovi’s family had just been describing one as if it were fact, the room went silent.

It’s awkward when people are called out on their rudeness, but it’s a good idea to call them out anyway.

After that, Yara spoke to the cameras.

“Jovi’s parents tell me a little bit about Ukrainian girls,” Yara described.

She did not enjoy hearing “That in Ukrainian girls is so much tricking, want to get to America. It’s not true.”

That is not the end of the conversation in this sneak peek clip, however.

Yara has made her feelings about New Orleans clear — and, of course, New Orleans has been her experience with America so far.

To Jovi’s parents, she made it clear that she’s unsure if she wants to live in America or if she would like for their family to live elsewhere.

Specifically, she loves the idea of living in Budapest — which is close to where her own mother lives.

Gwen, who has repeatedly seemed to forget that Yara has her own family with feelings just as valid as her own, doesn’t like that.

“She wants to go to another country and move Jovi to another country, so that’s a problem for us,” Jovi’s dad said to the camera.

“Also, in the future, if they have kids, I mean, this could be hard for us to see our grandkids. … We may lose our son,” he complained.

Interesting, we find ourselves wondering if they even realize that Yara is pregnant — because it doesn’t sound like they know that.

“I’m afraid that once they get married, that she’s got that hold,” Gwen complains.

She continues: And she will take him away from us.”

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