Whitney Cummings Reacts to Allegations Against Chris D’Elia, Her ‘Whitney’ Co-Star

Whitney Cummings is speaking out in response to the allegations made against her former Whitney co-star Chris D’Elia.

The two stars played a happily unmarried couple close to relationship boredom.

Just a few days ago, Chris faced accusations of sexual harassment and grooming. Many of the women who came forward with stories said they were underage when Chris was speaking to them.

Whitney released a statement on her Twitter account on Saturday afternoon (June 20).

“It’s taken me a couple days to process the information I have learned about Chris. I’m devastated and enraged by what I’ve read and learned,” Whitney said. “This is a pattern of predatory behavior. This abuse of power is enabled by silence. Now that I’m aware, I won’t be silent.”

Whitney concluded, “Girls should be able to be a fan of a comedian they admire without becoming a sexual target. It’s the adult’s responsibility to be an adult.”

Read the statement that Chris released in response to the allegations.

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