Wendy Williams Steps Out for First Time Following Suicidal Rumors

The ‘Wendy Williams Show’ host is holding a tabloid in her picture and making a reference to paparazzi in her caption following rumors that she was suicidal.

AceShowbizWendy Williams briefly stepped out of her hiding. She returned to social media and posted first picture since she was rumored to be suicidal. She looked dispirited and mismatched wearing a long blonde wig, face mask, dark T-shirt, and white jacket.

Her caption left her followers baffled as she held a tabloid and made a reference to shutterbugs. “Wow June is here!” the message read. “I didn’t see paparazzi but ok. I needed my stuff before NYC dark.”

She then showed support for the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement that spread across the country to fight racial injustice, “Black lives have ALWAYS mattered. #blacklivesmatter #NYPD #Peace.”

Some observant fans noticed there seemed to be a bruise on the back of her hand. It added fuel to the hospitalization rumors. “She just had IV, look at the bruise on her hand,” one wrote. Another penned, “The way she clutched her hand.” Meanwhile, many others sent her well wishes.

According to Tasha K who previously exposed Kevin Hunter‘s affairs and secret baby drama, Wendy was treated on the neurology floor at New York Presbyterian hospital for trying to kill herself. She allegedly refused to eat and drink.

Rumor has it, her husband’s infidelities and their subsequent divorce coupled with her alleged row with her only son took a toll on her mental health. She reportedly broke down during the quarantine after her son was turned against her by her ex-husband.

She hasn’t responded to the suicide rumors, but she has been taking a break since May 18. She cited her struggle with Graves’ disease as the reason behind her hiatus from her TV show.

Besides having Graves’ disease, Wendy has been struggling with cocaine addiction. She described herself as “a functioning addict” and stayed at a sober living house with a 24-hour coach in 2019 amid her marriage woes.

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