Watch: Maluma Offers An Intimate Look at His Colombia Mansion While in Quarantine

Opening his door to Architectural Digest for a digital tour of his sanctuary, the ‘Felices los 4’ singer shares the things he enjoys doing at home and reveals his personalized mug collection.

AceShowbizMaluma is opening doors to his private life. Although he used to keep a tight lid on matters personal to him, the “Felices los 4” singer tried to get closer to his fans during the coronavirus lockdown by giving them an intimate digital tour of his hillside mansion in Medellin, Colombia.

In a video published by Architectural Digest on Tuesday, May 5, the 26-year-old Latin singer introduced his South American abode as his sanctuary. He continued on by inviting viewers to join him on the tour. “I’m enjoying it a lot in this quarantine, I’ve been in here for a long time so come here and have some peace with me,” he said with a big smile.

Maluma has had the house for three years, decorating it in a palette of browns and whites and filling it with arts. The living space of his home features high ceilings and glass walls with sunken round seating area that boasts a sculptural fire pit in the center. His kitchen oozes Scandinavian feel, while the lower level of the house offers a gym, a movie theater, a blackjack table and a Ping-Pong table.

Speaking of spending time at home because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Grammy nominee gushed, “It feels great to be home, because I’m always touring. I’ve been here for almost three weeks.” He added, “It feels amazing to enjoy my house. I needed this time in my life to enjoy and see all the things I’ve been building for a long time.”

As for his quarantine routine, the singer who will star opposite Jennifer Lopez in “Marry Me” spilled, “My routine, it’s very easy. I’m not complicated.” He went on detailing, “I take my elevator, I go down, I say hi to everyone in the living room (which is empty right now), I come into the kitchen, talk to the chef because I’m always hungry but I like doing my own coffee.”

At some point during the tour, the “11 PM” singer showed off his personalized mug collection. “I have a lot of coffee cups,” he shared. “I have these fancy ones, but I have these that are my favorite: I have [one mug] with my sister and the first dog that I had, then I have this one that has my first letter [of my name], I have this one with a picture of my mom and then I have this one, a picture with my dad.”

Near the end of the tour, Maluma introduced his two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, who excitedly jump at him. Short while later, he concluded the tour by telling fans in both Spanish and English, “I hope you guys stay at home…it’s cool to stay at home.”

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