Viral 'Dreams' Skateboarder Grinning Over New Truck, Possible Travis Scott Gig

Nathan Apodaca — AKA the Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” skateboarder — has a couple of huge reasons to smile today, as well as an explanation for why he chugs huge bottles of cranberry juice.

Nathan was on “TMZ Live” Wednesday talking about how his life’s changed dramatically since uploading that now-viral skateboarding clip to TikTok. He calls it a blessing, because it led to him getting that brand new truck, delivered Tuesday by Ocean Spray.

As we told you … Nathan said the donations that poured in shortly after would be used possibly for a new ride, but then he got Ocean Spray’s gift. By the way, he told us how his first drive went in the truck went — it’s gonna make ya smile.

Nathan says his family had been talking about saving money for his daughter’s upcoming 16th bday party and getting a new place. Now, they’re plans are changing … for the better.

As for why Nathan sips on that large 64 oz. jug of his fave beverage while skateboarding — it’s pretty simple. It’s all about time, size and value. Doggface (his TikTok handle) broke it down for us, and reacted to rumors Travis Scott even wants to collaborate with him now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mick Fleetwood definitely gets it.

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