Twitter Is Swooning over Harry Styles Jogging in Italy

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to Harry Styles’s quarantine moustache: the pro-‘stache camp and the anti-‘stache camp.

The divisive debate has swept through the former One Directioner’s fan base ever since the new ‘do was revealed last month. Now, new photos of the singer out for a jog while vacationing in Italy have come to light—and they’re showing off the moustache in all its hairy (Harry?) glory.

In the pap pictures, Styles dons a typical jogger’s getup, including a light gray Nike tank and black shorts. He also sports a blue cap, shades, and his ‘stache, of course.

“Petition for harry styles to SHAVE HIS MUSTACHE,” one user wrote.

Another user who supported the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s pivoting style wrote, “Harry Styles may be the only person who could wear a mustache like this and still look good ;).”

Whatever Styles may or may not do to his facial hair is, obviously, up to him. And, honestly, what did fans expect? He was bound to grow out of the baby-faced boy-band member that he started out as 10 years ago with the debut of One Direction.

Below are just some of the funniest Twitter reactions.

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