Tucker Carlson’s net worth: The Fox News anchor is richer than you realize

Whether you love him, or simply love to hate him, the data says that people are paying attention to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson — and for network executives, that attention translates to money. Big money, as Tucker Carlson Tonight drew a total audience of 7.562 million viewers on October 27, 2020, ranking behind only two other shows, namely The Voice and the World Series of baseball (via Forbes). It’s numbers like these that bring in the television host’s staggering $6 million annual salary (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Now, to be fair, Carlson took over for disgraced host Bill O’Reilly (via The New York Times) who was earning an incomprehensible $18.5 million annually (via Money), even though Carlson is currently outperforming him.

Carlson’s current net worth is currently estimated at about $30 million. The television personality has earned most of his net worth from his Fox appearances but has also earned an income as a book author, columnist, was part owner of conservative news website the DailyCaller.com, and has made some smart real estate deals. 

And while all these earnings seem to contribute to his wealth, it can’t be understated that Tucker Carlson was born into both television and money.

Tucker Carlson is laughing all the way to the bank

If Tucker Carlson had never landed a spot on Fox prime time, he’d still be set to inherit a large fortune. When Carlson was 10, his father married Patricia Swanson of the Swanson Frozen Dinner family fortune — think Hungry-Man Frozen Dinners (via Columbia Journalism Review). From then on, he went to the Rhode Island private school St. George’s and attended Trinity College. He had connections to television through his father Dick Carlson, a media executive who was also CEO of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Carlson was also adopted into the political arena, adding Senator J. William Fulbright to the family with the Swanson-Carlson marriage.

While Carlson was accustomed to wealth, he wasn’t bringing in the big bucks himself until his journalistic style changed directions. Crooked Media co-founder and former presidential speechwriter Jon Lovett describes the career trajectory, “Tucker Carlson’s transition from conservative seriousish writer to blustery CNN guy to Daily Caller troll to race-baiting Fox News host is like ice core data on what led to this moment in our politics,” (via Twitter).

So there you have it. Tucker Carlson is worth at least $30 million. He’s set to earn and inherit more later in life too. With his magic formula for compelling both supporters and critics to watch his news coverage, he’ll be taking those dividend checks straight to the bank.

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