Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Do Ridiculously Sexy Shirtless Challenge On IG — & Ryan Reynolds

We don’t know if whoever challenged Tom Holland to do this in the first place was just pulling some kind of epic April Fool’s Day prank or what, but either way we are SO GRATEFUL!

The Avengers: Endgame star shared a video on his Instagram Story on Wednesday in which he did a shirtless handstand (yummy!) and attempted to put on a T-shirt without ever letting his feet get back to the floor.

Oh, did we say attempted? Watch Tom put his Spidey skills to good use in the full clip (below):

OMG, this is already so much more inspiring and invigorating than anyone singing Imagine.

But it gets better because he challenged his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as newly inducted MCU member Ryan Reynolds and BFF Harrison Osterfield to complete the acrobatic feat as well!

Jake hilariously responded by asking:

“What’s the challenge??? Shirtless heavy breathing???”

However, he was a good sport and actually did it!

Sadly though, he failed the “shirtless heavy breathing” challenge as he somehow forgot to turn his mic on, so the whole thing is silent!

But, you know, he actually did it so…

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And you know what? Tom’s hunky bestie, British model and actor Harrison, accepted the challenge as well!


One so-called superhero responded to the so-called “impossible challenge” in the way most everyone would, if we’re being honest. He posted simply:

Yep. Like it was a crack pipe being offered to him in 1991, he just said NO.

But don’t worry, the challenge train isn’t over yet. Jake nominated his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, who probably won’t do it — but omg what if she does?? — 50 Cent, who we predict will go the RyRey route and laugh it off, and one person who may still do it: his Prisoners co-star Hugh Jackman.

While the Huge Jacked Man may have chilled out on his Wolverine workouts the past couple years, he’s still in great shape and infamously competitive with Jake and Ryan.

We are still holding out hope to get one more celebrity impossible challenge, AKA the thirsty shirtless get-us-through-this-quarantine challenge, video before all this is over.

Oh, and reminder you can see more of Tom Holland — well, hear more of him anyway — in the excellent Onward on Disney+ starting Friday!

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