Tiffany Moon QUITS Real Housewives of Dallas After One Season Following Anti-Asian Racism From Cast!

It’s a sad state of affairs over in the Housewives world.

Tiffany Moon, one of the first Asian Housewives across the entire franchise, suggested on Friday that she would be leaving the show after just one season. She first hinted at the news on Twitter, writing:

“Good morning everyone it’s time for a change. Have a wonderful day!”

But then she got even more explicit, changing her social media bios to read “Previous Cast Member #RHOD S5” — then eventually editing them to read instead, “Season 5 Cast Member #RHOD”.

However, the cat was already out of the bag — and now a source for Page Six confirmed to the outlet that the doctor has indeed exited the show.

The 36-year-old’s time on RHOD was marked by racism, particularly a storyline involving a resurfaced video of Brandi Redmond mocking Asian people. Tiffany was pretty generous with Brandi — explaining to her why she found the video hurtful but accepted that she didn’t necessarily think her co-star was “racist.” Brandi, however, expressed discomfort being around Tiffany after that, feeling “paranoid” about being judged. (Um, how do you think she feels??)

More recently, the mother of two found herself engaged in a Twitter feud with Kameron Westcott. Following the RHOD reunion earlier this week, Westcott tweeted:

“Someone I was so excited to be on the show with. Had a blast filming, and I am disappointed where it went as we aired in press. I tried to show with receipts I always wanted to be her friend. I do hope we get another try to have a good time on this show together! #letshope #rhod”

Tiffany replied:

“You came to attack and gaslight me. Don’t ever compare me to a Thai sex worker or call me bossy either, please. I don’t accept your half ass ‘my employee did that’ apology. Learn to take some accountability or pay a bill. #settingfeminismback #RHOD”

The “Thai sex worker” reference comes from a shocking moment on Watch What Happens Live, which Kameon has claimed wasn’t about Tiffany — but you can see the evidence for yourself (below)!


Meanwhile, Tiffany’s husband, Court Westcott, and her brother-in-law, Chart Westcott, also piled on with more hateful comments:

Yeah, one family all coming together to insult and demean an Asian woman looks pretty racist to us.

In the midst of a rise of violent hate crimes against Asian Americans, the fact that one of the ONLY Asian cast members in the entire franchise was driven off the show by such behavior is a bad look, to say the very least. If women like Brandi and Kameron get to keep their jobs while Tiffany is forced to publicly endure racist treatment, it kind of undoes all that progress Bravo was supposed to be making when they cleaned house back in the summer of 2020.

Tiffany definitely deserves to walk away from this mess with her head held high, but we hope Bravo makes amends somehow.

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