The untold truth of Bill Goldberg’s wife

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg — known simply as “Goldberg” in the ring — appears to have it all. Not only is the Oklahoma native an accomplished athlete, but he won the coveted WWE Universal Championship Title in February 2020. The icing on the cake? Bill has an amazing family, which includes his wife, Wanda Goldberg, and their son, Gage. Talk about an incredible life.

As for how Bill and Wanda met, they first crossed paths while filming the 2005 horror movie, Santa’s Slay. “She had no idea who I was,” the famous wrestler joked to the Sun-Sentinel. “It’s a terrific story. She’s changed my life. She makes me smile every day. That’s kind of hard to do when you’re me.” The couple tied the knot in April 2005, three months after they announced their engagement in February. 

Although Bill is arguably more famous than Wanda, her accomplishments — which we review below — are as equally impressive. 

Wanda Goldberg is an accomplished stunt double

Wanda Goldberg has worked as a stunt double and performer since 2000, participating in a variety of projects, including Texas Rangers, Ararat, and Hollywood Flies. Wanda now co-owns Hide and Chic Boutique with her friend Danielle, which sells “handcrafted, cowhide purses,” per the company’s Instagram page. It’s pretty impressive how Bill Goldberg’s wife was able to transition from stunt performing to business ownership, right? 

When Wanda isn’t working on her business, you can catch her hanging out with a variety of farm animals. The mom’s Instagram page is filled with snaps of horses, goats, and donkeys. 

Wanda’s chill life might have something to do with her small-town background, as she grew up in Montmartre, a village in Saskatchewan, Canada. “Some people think that growing up in a small town holds you back,” she told the Regina-Leader Post in 2009. “I say it’s the opposite. There’s a certain value that kids with farming backgrounds have, and that never leaves me no matter what.”

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