The Strange Reason Kody Brown Is Complaining About His Wives

For a network that can claim such reality TV classics as 90 Day Fiance and Toddlers in Tiaras (RIP), one of the more bizarre cornerstones of TLC’s incredible lineup is Sister Wives. Sister Wives premiered in 2010 and has been airing more or less continuously since then. The show follows a family of fundamentalist Mormons who moved from Utah to Arizona as they navigate the murky waters of adhering to a strict religion while living in the modern world of reality TV. Again, producers at TLC deserve all the awards.

The unorthodox family is comprised of patriarch Kody Brown, his wives Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Meri, and their collective 18 children. The family lives in a makeshift compound in Arizona, where each wife has their own house and Kody rotates which nights he spends with which wife. People always say that marriage takes work, so we can only imagine the amount of work that goes into maintaining four of them simultaneously. Kody said as much when he opened up about the stress COVID-19 added to his already delicate situation in the newest season of the show. Read on to find out why Kody is complaining about his wives.

Kody Brown reached his breaking point

Navigating social distancing standards around your family has been a struggle for many Americans. Is it okay to hug grandma or not? If not, how far away are you supposed to stand? Does she know how to use Zoom? Who’s going to teach her? Anyway, you get the idea.

Those tricky decisions become more complicated the more family members you add to the equation. So, for Kody Brown and his four wives, COVID-19 was especially stressful. In a new 2021 episode of Sister Wives, Kody acknowledged the complexities of their unique situation. “I’m the most dangerous person in the whole family when it comes to COVID-19 because I’m going from house to house — I could spread it from house to house,” he said, referring to his schedule of rotating between his wives’ houses. Kody was especially stressed because he didn’t want to be isolated from anyone in his family for too long.

While Christine tried to come up with a schedule for Kody that met everyone’s specific health concerns, Kody lost his temper. When Christine pointed out how grumpy he was, he snapped: “It’s ’cause you guys are talking about my body. I feel like I’m being passed around like a rag doll now,” per The Daily Mail.

The resolution? If Kody has to adhere to social distancing, so does everyone else, and no one seemed very happy about that.

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