The real reason Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry got arrested

It doesn’t seem like there will be any reconciliation between Kailyn Lowry and on-again, off-again boyfriend, Chris Lopez, anytime soon. The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested in Delaware on Sept. 26, 2020, for allegedly punching Chris “several times with a closed fist,” per the police report filed on Sept. 4, 2020, by Chris, Us Weekly reported.

Kailyn and Chris, who share two sons, have had a tumultuous relationship for years, as shown on Teen Mom 2. During the Oct. 27, 2020 episode of the show, Kailyn told the cameras she was done with her ex. “As of right now, I have no intentions of including Chris in anything … I think I let certain people into my life knowing that they were toxic and I ignored a lot of red flags. And I think I let them stay too long to the point where I lost myself,” she said, per E! Online.

The police report, which was obtained by Us Weekly, states that the incident in question occurred when Kailyn and Chris met up to swap custody of their oldest son, Lux. So why did Kailyn allegedly get physical with Chris? Keep reading for more information about the reported incident.

Was Kailyn Lowry upset about a haircut?

When Kailyn Lowry went to Chris Lopez’s house to pick up their son, Lux, she noticed Lux’s long hair had got cut without her permission. According to the police report obtained by Us Weekly, Kailyn was so mad about Lux’s haircut that she returned to her ex’s residence and “started attacking him [and] punching him several times on the head and upper torso.” Chris allegedly did not fight back, and his sister tried pulling Kailyn off him. At the time of the altercation, there was already an active restraining order against Chris by Kailyn.

Kailyn was taken into police custody on Sept. 26, 2020, for “offensive touching,” and got released on her own recognizance with no bail. She agreed to have no contact with Chris and to appear at her scheduled court hearings. Her arraignment is for Jan. 21, 2021, Us Weekly noted.

The Teen Mom star posted before and after photos of Lux’s hair to her Instagram story the day after the incident allegedly occurred. She captioned the photos, “Parenting with a narcissist be like … Control tactic,” according to The Sun. Chris fought back via his own Instagram Live, saying, “That’s my son, so if I decide to make a decision on my son or anybody, I can. I can.”

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