The one Big Brother house guest Janelle Pierzina misses

For fans of Big Brother: All-Stars, Janelle Pierzina’s eviction from the Big Brother 22 house was hardly shocking. She wasn’t a member of the dominant alliance and she had an undeniable bond with Kaysar Ridha, who she played with on two previous Big Brother seasons. This made them immediate targets, sitting on the block together when Janelle got voted out. A week later, Kaysar got evicted. But before Kaysar got sent home, Janelle rooted for him to turn things around in the house. Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out in his favor. 

I’ve never left on the block with Kaysar. He’s always left before me. But I knew this time it’s different because of my history and what I’ve done in the game,” Janelle told Entertainment Tonight. “I was actually OK with it because I did want to give Kaysar a chance to experience playing without me and see how well he does.” However, Janelle was much more blunt on social media. “So glad I’m cooking dinner for my real fam instead of the BB Fam,” she captioned a video of herself in the kitchen alongside her dancing daughter. “I do miss Kaysar though.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Janelle admitted, “I’m just really worried, obviously, about Kaysar in the house. My only concern is Kaysar.” Sadly, her Big Brother instincts were on point since the house guests unanimously voted to evict Kaysar just one week later. Even though they got booted from the game, their bond remains strong.

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha have an 'unbreakable' bond

During an interview with Parade, Janelle Pierzina said, “I love Kaysar [Ridha]! He’s the best. It’s a blessing and a curse to go in with your Big Brother best friend. But I adore him, and we’ll always be friends. It sucks we got split apart so early once again.” 

When they arrived at the house for season 22, Janelle and Kaysar were able to pick up where they left off. As Janelle told Us Weekly, “Kaysar moved to the Middle East for a while. I did lose touch with him for years because of growing my family, getting married. He was of course invited to my wedding. We stayed in touch periodically.” She continued, “[S]eeing him in the house was just like it was 15 years ago for us. It’s the same relationship. It’s a working relationship in the house. And it’s one of the most interesting relationships I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Look, my relationship with Janelle is unbreakable,” Kaysar told Parade. “It was extremely evident in the way that we interact. Us being in the house together was bad for our game but great for TV.” Even though their close friendship made them the biggest targets of the season, Kaysar said, “To have the two us interact in the Big Brother house again after all these years, in the same place we had met. It was a very powerful moment, and I wouldn’t change that.”

Janelle Pierzina's rooting for other cast members following Kaysar Ridha's eviction

Even though Janelle Pierzina isn’t a house guest anymore, she’s still a Big Brother fan watching the season from home. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I think that Dani [Briones] will most likely win. That’s my pick to win. But I obviously would love for Bayleigh [Dayton] or Enzo [Palumbo] to do something.” She shared similar sentiments with Entertainment Tonight, adding, “I would be so, so happy. [Enzo is] a single dad, he’s a nice guy.”

Janelle also discussed her friendship with Bayleigh during an Us Weekly interview. “I saw a lot of myself in Bayleigh,” she said. “I like the way she plays the game.” Janelle described Bayleigh as a “straight shooter” and “extremely loyal,” declaring, “To me, those are huge huge assets and things in the game that I really love to see. That’s what drew me to Bayleigh. She’s just the sweetest, nicest … I think I’ll always be friends with Bayleigh. I absolutely adore her.”

“She’s my favorite person in the house besides Kaysar,” Janelle added in an interview with Parade. “I think she has an uphill battle, but I adore her. She was my little sister in the house.” Despite forgetting Enzo’s name during her exit interview with Julie Chen, Janelle told Parade she “absolutely adores Enzo.” She added, “I really, really like him and want him to win. Can he win? I have no idea.” We’ll all have to wait and see!

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